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Beginners Dungeons & Dragons Returns!

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From 15th June, we’re bringing back our weekly Beginners D&D sessions! Every Wednesday at 7pm, we’re running one-shot sessions to teach new players how to play Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition). This has long been a popular event for us, and we’re so excited to offer it again!

Safety First

As per our standard event rules, we are asking all participants to wear a face mask in our store. (If you have an exemption, please come and speak to us before the event.) This is to ensure we are able to safely continue offering this session on a weekly basis, particularly when players are going to be sitting at close quarters around a table! (Please note our code of conduct for all events is also in place.)

During the event, we will be using RPG safety tools. If you’re not familiar with these, they are a way for us to make sure everyone at the table is comfortable with the content of the game. We will explain our safety tools and how to use them at beginning of the event.

That said, there is still potential for content which may be unsuitable for younger ages. For this reason, our sessions are limited to players age 16 and up.

Beginner Players Only

Every participant in this event is expected to be a beginner – that is, having no more experience with Dungeons & Dragons than a session or two before attending. If you’ve played in a campaign or multiple sessions before, or you’re a D&D Dungeon Master yourself, this isn’t the event for you. (Keep an eye out for further information on events for experienced players coming soon!)

Each player can take part in up to twelve sessions of Beginners D&D. Once you’ve played those twelve sessions, you’ll “graduate” from Beginners, and we’ll be encouraging you to go out and find a group to play with regularly – or maybe take the plunge and run your own game!

Drop In, Drop Out

Each session will be a one-shot adventure. This means you won’t be stepping into the middle of an ongoing campaign, and you also won’t miss anything critical if you can’t attend every single week. These sessions are designed with the intention that you can drop in and drop out whenever is convenient for you.

There is no advance booking for these sessions. Instead, registration for each session will open at 6pm in store on the day each week. There are currently six spaces available per session, and these are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is £5 per person.

Bring Your Imagination

First-time players don’t need to bring anything with them. We’ll have everything you need available for your first session, including pre-generated character sheets and dice. We do strongly recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early to your first session, so you have time to choose a character to play! (Please don’t create your own character at home, as it may not be suitable for this event. Thanks!)

After your first session, you’ll need to bring your character sheet with you every week you play. We may not be able to replace it once you’ve made changes to it during the game, so make sure to keep it somewhere safe!

Is It Wednesday Yet?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to email us and ask! In the meantime, you are welcome to jump into our Discord community. We look forward to seeing our new players on Wednesday!

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