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Comic Club Goes Live!

Early this year, we started a new initiative called Comic Club. Once a week in our Discord channel, we check in with our community to see what everyone has been reading recently. It’s definitely helping some of us get through our to-read piles!

Starting this week, Comic Club is going one step further, with weekly in-person reading events! This is inspired by the Silent Book Club, where readers can join together in the same location and read their own books in quiet company.

On Wednesday afternoons from 4:30pm to 6pm*, our play space will become a Comic Club meet, allowing readers to sit and read without any social pressures.

* Occasionally we may need to end Comic Club meets about 10 minutes early to allow us to prepare for new Beginners D&D blocks.

This weekly event is open to any Proud Lion customer with an active comic pull list, or who makes a comic or book purchase of £4 or more on the day. Any customer who is regularly paying for their comic subscriptions and has at least one comic release per month is considered to have an active pull list.

To line up with our weekly meet, our Discord check in (which will remain open to all readers) will move to Wednesday evenings.

Our first Comic Club meet will take place on Wednesday 29th November!