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Comics Final Order Cutoff – 18th February 2023

This is your weekly reminder that Final Order Cutoff (FOC) orders are due by 10am on Saturday! Send an email over to to add any of these titles to your orders or pull list. This week’s FOC includes Simon Furman’s new robo-caper, more pulpy sci-fi adventures, much-anticipated graphic novels, and the return of Doctor Strange!

Some publishers are no longer offering later printings, and some titles sell out on release. Orders placed after FOC rely on extra stock being available, so get your order in today so you don’t miss out!

ASTROBOTS #1 (OF 5) – An all-new Mecha-Masterwork from Simon Furman, writer of the original Transformerscomic series and creator of Marvel’s Death’s Head, with Heavy Metal artist Hector Trunnec – based on the toyline designed by Aaron Thomas. The clock is ticking for planet Earth, with food and raw materials running out and climate disasters escalating. The evacuation of the entire human population is the only slender hope remaining, and now the race is on to find a new world capable of sustaining human life. New, sophisticated robot scouts called Astrobots are sent to explore far-flung worlds in the hope of crafting a new home. On Colony World 1, a catastrophic power struggle forges a new – all-Astrobot – society. Presiding over this nascent civilization is Atlas, an evolved mech with a futureproof plan. A plan that does not include humankind. But the first colonists are on their way…

WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 (ONE-SHOT) – An all-new one-shot anthology featuring Marvel’s fiercest heroines, such as America Chavez, She-Hulk, Silk and more!

DOCTOR STRANGE #1 – Join Jed MacKay (Death of Doctor Strange, Strange, Moon Knight, Black Cat) and Pasqual Ferry (Namor: Conquered Shores, Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow, Thor) as they start a new chapter in the life of the Master of the Mystic Arts! Reunited with Clea and Wong, Stephen Strange is back! Now it’s back to business as usual for the Sorcerer Supreme. Have your kids fallen into a deep nightmarish slumber? Are hellish refugees invading your home? Is your spouse possessed by a satanic entity? Then call Doctor Strange!

FORGED #1 – From Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann and Mike Henderson comes “an over-the-top pulp adventure of sex, violence, and sci-fi inspired by ConanHeavy Metal, and other comics you tried to hide from your parents.” These are the Forged – a squad of planet-smashing super soldiers who take no prisoners!

KAYA TP – Wes Craig (Deadly Class, Gravediggers Union)’s astonishing new fantasy-adventure series is collected into this LOW PRICE graphic novel, including the first five issues, plus the 16-page prologue previously featured exclusively in the Image! 30th Anniversary Anthology! Two siblings surviving in a world of monsters and mutants – perfect for fans ofConanLord of the RingsBone, and Adventure Time.

DARK WEB TP – The recent Spider-Man and X-Men crossover collected! Marvel’s two most famous and famously wronged clones – Chasm (Ben Reilly) and the Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor) – are back, they’ve had enough of being second best and they’re going to claim what’s rightfully theirs! But what role does the volatile Venom play in the clones’ vengeful plot? The dark web that Madelyne and Ben will spin over Manhattan is going to change the NYC skyline forever!

The second issues of the following titles are also due for final orders this week. If you want them added to your pull list, make sure to let us know now so you don’t miss out!






You can check out more of this week’s FOC titles and variant covers on the Previews World website by clicking here!

DC COMICS are not included on Previews World! The full list of DC Comics on FOC this week is below.


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