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Comics Final Order Cutoff – 2nd September 2023

This is your weekly reminder that Final Order Cutoff (FOC) orders are due by 10am on Saturday! Send an email over to to add any of these titles to your orders or pull list. This week’s FOC includes Jonathan Hickman’s new vision of a significant slice of the Marvel Universe, science fiction and epic fantasy colliding in conflict throughout time and across the multiverse, rogue hellhounds, rebellious vampires in search of their humanity, classic cinematic monsters unleashed on a small town, plus a selection of fascinating books and graphic novels!

Some publishers are no longer offering later printings, and some titles sell out on release. Orders placed after FOC rely on extra stock being available, so get your order in today so you don’t miss out!

G.O.D.S. #1 – Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti reunite to reinvent the cosmology of the Marvel Universe! Highly recommended for fans of Doctor Strange, Strange Academy, Hickman’s own House of X and Powers Of X and enormous Marvel events like the Infinity Gauntlet and Secret Wars. This ENORMOUS EXTRA-SIZED first issue features StephenStrange, who, “while not boring at all, is easily the most boring person in the book.” And Hickman recently explained to Popverse that the title isn’t another Marvel acronym: “We haven’t revealed this yet, but if you look at the title page – the little dots have numbers in them. It’s more like a word puzzle than it is an acronym. We’ll reveal that soon enough.”

UNNATURAL ORDER #1 – After the fall of the Britons and the Roman invasion of Hibernia, a captive known only as the Druid is released, sending a darkness across the world… an age of horrors, of fire and entrails. As the innocent burn in the Wicker fields, those who would resist learn of the existence of a man who even this Druid fears. This prisoner is a soldier from a different time, who alone knows the Druid’s secret: this is not how the world is supposed to be. Chris Yost, co-creator of X-23, writer of hundreds of X-Men issues and films and shows like Thor: Ragnarok and The Mandalorian, returns to comic books with Val Rodrigues to weave together dark fantasy and action-packed science fiction!

EDENWOOD #1 – Earth has become the latest and final battleground in an eons-long multiversal war between demons and witches. NECRONEMA, the ever-expanding demonic land that supplanted the Midwest twenty years ago is locked in conflict with EDENWOOD, a witchcraft-controlled land that acts as a barrier against the war zone and the rest of the U.S.RION. Here, a young Demon Hunter, is thrust into the role of hero and leader after defeating a magical and transient demon with the power to cross any barrier or dimension, known as a GATHER. Summoned by the Witch War Council, Rion must assemble an elite team of the most famous and revered demon hunters of all time, tasked with annihilating a list of targets within the demon-controlled lands. From renowned creator Tony S. Daniel (Batman RIP, Battle for the Cowl)!

HOWIE THE HELLHOUND #1 – Louise had no idea that her new dog is actually Satan’s favourite pet, a Hellhound named Howie who escaped the pits of Hell to settle down with a human owner like her! But now Hell’s forces are rising to take back what’s theirs! Howie the Hellhound is a supernatural dramedy filled to the brim with heart, danger, and laughs, plus a dash of fire and brimstone!

OPERATION SUNSHINE #1 – The New York Times-bestselling hosts of the hit The Last Podcast on the Left team up with David Rubin (Black Hammer) for this all-new humorous, action-horror that’s described as Near Dark meets Ocean’s Eleven. A group of young, alienated vampires known as “bugs” plot to steal a magical object from the monstrous ancient vampires wit hth goal of turning themselves back into humans. Along the way they uncover a sprawling monster underground, elite militant vampire slayers, a top-secret plot run by the elders, and madness beyond imagining blocking their path back to humanity.

MIDNITE SHOW #1 – Basil Saxon is a legend among horror fans. Over 50 years ago, he vanished during a freak accident on the set of the film that would have been his masterpiece. The cursed film – GOD OF MONSTERS – was never completed and has never been seen. But when a small town film festival shows footage from the long-lost movie, classic horror monsters manifest to wreak havoc and terror on the unsuspecting populace. Now a ragtag group of misfits must band together to send these classic creatures back to the realm of celluloid nightmares. A new supernatural horror series from the creators of The Sixth Gun and Manor Black!

SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #1 – Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet are here to remind you why Jen Walters is so SENSATIONAL, going up against her deadliest challenge yet! PLUS: Marvel Studio’s Disney Plus She-Hulk series writer JESSICA GAO joins this issue to pen a short story featuring the best hero slash lawyer in the Marvel Universe!

FOUR GATHERED ON CHRISTMAS EVE HC – Four of the top creators in comics gather to continue the Victorian tradition of ghost stories on Christmas Eve. Eric Powell, Mike Mignola, Becky Cloonan and James Harren come together to terrify you on a cold yule night with four spooky tales in this unique approach to the ghost story format where the creators themselves become part of the story! Featuring a deluxe edition hard cover designed by the award-winning Phil Balsman.

LOVE KILLS HC – A lone female vampire, Helena, stumbles into an alliance with Marcus, an unwitting human, when she’s attacked by a rival coven on the streets of Sao Paulo. But what at first seems to be a simple fight over hunting territory quickly turns into a lethal game of cat and mouse. Now Helena is forced to confront a shocking past betrayal and battle for her very existence.

VOYAGING VOL 01 PLAGUE STAR GN – Journey across the cosmos in George R. R. Martin’s beloved sci-fi universe, the Thousand Worlds, as a ragtag group of conspirators embark on a mysterious mission to gain unfathomable fame and fortune – if only they can survive. On the distant planet Hro B’rana, the last words of a dying man echo through the halls of a run-down trading station. Nearly 300 years later, a group of fortune seekers embark on a mission to unravel the mystery of the fabled Plague Star aboard a rickety trade ship called The Cornucopia of Excellent Goods at Low Prices. But their journey will be far more perilous than any of them could have imagined – who will survive this deadly quest and battle it out for the final prize?

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN SISKO HC – Benjamin Sisko tells the story of his career in Starfleet, and his life as a father and Bajor’s Emmissary of the Prophets in his own words. Charting his rise through the ranks, his pioneering work designing the Defiant-class, his critical role as ambassador and leader during the Dominion War, and his sacred standing as a religious leader of his adopted home. Discover the hidden history of his childhood and early career in Starfleet, and the innermost thoughts of the man who discovered the Gamma Quadrant, made first contact with the wormhole aliens, and united Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan forces to defeat the Dominion Empire. From the pages of Anselm to the writings of Benny Russell, Sisko’s story is a unique phenomenon in Starfleet and human history, told in the unique way only he can.

This fascinating hardback novel will be customer order only, we will not be ordering this for the shelf, so please email us ASAP if you are interested.

HAWKEYE BISHOP TAKES KING HC NOVEL – New York Times-bestselling author Ashley Poston brings Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye  to life in this thrilling YA mystery adventure. When Kate saves the surprisingly cute Milo in the process, she counts it as a rare win. But a mix-up of their bags means that nope, Kate’s life is still refusing to run smoothly. In that bag is a mysterious book that holds powerful, dangerous secrets – ones that the Kingpin, would kill to uncover. Kate finds herself on the run, searching for Milo and what he knows, texting her Super Hero besties for moral support, and trying to solve the mystery she’s blundered into before she becomes the victim of her own story.

LAST OF THE DRAGONS HC – In the distant past of Ancient Egypt, a group of mystics united to defeat and imprison a maniacal Pharaoh determined to bring the entire nation under his oppressive, dictatorial fist. The power of the Pharaoh was contained… until now. A young Black woman named Ryu learns that her parents, murdered years ago, were part of a mystical dynasty that gave her the inheritance of supernatural power. On the run from her parents’ murderer, Ryu must learn how to wield her power in time to take a stand against her enemy, and her greatest fear. Can she stop running and fight, or will Ryu die without knowing the true power of the dragon?

LOST TIME GN – Twelve-year-old Evie is lost in the Cretaceous period! Alone, without her parents or anyone else to turn to for help, she manages to rescue a baby pterosaur and raise it on her own. As the baby grows into a giraffe-sized flying reptile, which Evie names Ada, the two manage to to find a way to survive in the prehistoric wilderness. But Evie will have to risk everything when she makes a discovery that may just be her only chance of returning home. The duo must embark on a journey halfway across the world – battling all nature throws at them, from fearsome dinosaurs to raging storms – in the hope that Evie can find a way back to her family!

GLASS SCIENTISTS VOL 01 GN – London isn’t the safest place for mad scientists these days. After that whole ordeal with Frankenstein, angry mobs have gotten awfully good at hunting down monsters and wiping out anything they don’t understand. If it weren’t for one extraordinary young man, every out-of-the-box thinker would have been locked up… or worse. That young man is Dr. Henry Jekyll. He believes mad scientists would thrive if they could just fix their public image! But now a mysterious stranger has arrived, turning Jekyll’s fellow mad scientists and allies against him. His life starts to spiral out of control, shattering all his carefully laid plans and threatening to expose his darkest secret – one that could destroy everything he has built from the inside out. Vcollecting the first seven chapters of this thrilling, humorous, webcomic!

CHOSEN ONE AMERICAN JESUS TRILOGY TP – The entire AMERICAN JESUS saga from Mark Millar and Peter Gross, collected for the first time to celebrate the upcoming live-action adaptation from Netflix!

KILLCHELLA TP – A group of friends attending a music festival in the desert face a bloody night of terror when an enigmatic pop star named Topanga Cornell recruits her most fanatical devotees to assist in a mass sacrifice ritual at her big comeback concert. The quest for good vibes quickly becomes a deadly fight for survival against Topanga and her gang of blade-wielding obsessive fans that she lovingly refers to as her “fawns” who will do anything #ForHerLove.


STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC SHADOWS OF STARLIGHT #1 – In this one-shot released ahead of the upcoming High Republic Phase III, learn who lived and who died in the greatest catastrophe of the Golden Age of the Jedi! Little has been revealed about the year following the fall of STARLIGHT BEACON and the ultimate triumph of THE NIHIL… until now! Reeling from its losses, The Jedi Council has recalled its Jedi Knights from across the galaxy and instituted the emergency measures. MASTER YODA has a plan to save the Order and the galaxy, but he must touch the dark side to achieve it… and the consequences will be grave indeed. This issue will be automatically pulled for Reservation Service customers with Star Wars High Republic on their comic pull list.

BITE SIZED TALES OF TERROR #1 – Three deeply disturbing bite-sized horror stories in this new one shot! “Objects“: The discovery of a strange lump on his chest shatters everything a ladies man knows about love. “Contact“: An abused housewife claims that aliens are trying to get in touch with her, all they need is her location. And “Crave“: A corporate meeting descends into absolute insanity when a “scentologist” unveils her latest creation.

Customer order only, we will not be ordering this for the shelf, so please email us ASAP if you are interested.

SPACE USAGI YOKAI HUNTER ONE-SHOT #1 – Stan Sakai’s Space Usagi universe returns with a unique, new story adventure featuring the rabbit ronin! This issue will be automatically pulled for Reservation Service customers with Usagi Yojimbo on their comic pull list.

HELLICIOUS #1 – Ahead of the upcoming animated series starring Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers,Massive are reprinting the sold out debut issue of Hellicious with brand new covers from Kit Wallis, James Wallis and Trevor Richardson. Meet Cherry, the Devil’s prankster granddaughter and the cutest grim reaper in Hell. She loves her life but she’s lonely. There’s only one soul who Cherry thinks might be a good playmate – Satan-worshipping death metal frontman Briggy Bundy. The bad news is, he isn’t dead, yet…

Customer order only, we will not be ordering this for the shelf, so please email us ASAP if you are interested.

The second issues of the following titles are also due for final orders this week. If you want them added to your pull list, make sure to let us know now so you don’t miss out!






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