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Comics Final Order Cutoff – 31st December 2022

This is your weekly reminder that Final Order Cutoff (FOC) orders are due by 10am on Saturday! Send an email over to to add any of these titles to your orders or pull list. This week’s FOC includes the perfect all-ages graphic novel (truly!), a serial killer stalking a college campus, a warrior trying to escape a dying world and the prequel to the next Dragon Age game!

Some publishers are no longer offering later printings, and some titles sell out on release. Orders placed after FOC rely on extra stock being available, so get your order in today so you don’t miss out!

SCURRY TP – Possibly the perfect all-ages graphic novel, showcasing the survival of a colony of house mice in a world where humanity has gone, leaving a world of dangerous predators. Watership Down meets The Borrowers by way of timeless fantasy RPGs!

DRAGON AGE MISSING #1 (OF 4) – “A new story leading directly into BioWare’s upcoming game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf!” Varric Tethras and Lace Harding delve into the abandoned Deep Roads beneath Marnas Pell searching for a former friend. What they find is blight corruption infecting the walls, and the encroaching threat of darkspawn…

BANSHEES #1 (OF 5) – Emily is still grieving the loss of her best friend, and hoping to find a new beginning at college. But there’s horror at the heart of her new campus. There’s a serial killer who has stalked these grounds for nearly a decade. Now Emily is driven to find out the truth about this psycho, known as The Lion… 

EVERFROST TP – On the ice coast of a dying world, Van Louise is determined to find a way off-planet, going as far as to biohack a dead leviathan. Unfortunately her plans are about to get engulfed by a war between the shocktroopers of theglobal ruling elite and nomads living on the rising waters. And her world will be rocked by the return of her son – someone she hasn’t seen since he died in her arms when he was a child…


The terror that flaps in the night comes to comic books, along with his trusty sidekick Lauchpad McQuack and his adopted daughter, Gosalyn! ‘Nuff said! Let’s get dangerous!

Back on FOC!

The second issues of the following titles are also due for final orders this week. If you want them added to your pull list, make sure to let us know now so you don’t miss out!



You can check out more of this week’s FOC titles and variant covers on the Previews World website by clicking here!

DC COMICS are not included on Previews World! The full list of DC Comics on FOC this week is below. No DC comics on FOC this week!

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