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Final Orders Due

Final Order Cutoff – 16th April 2022

This is your weekly reminder that Final Order Cutoff (FOC) orders are due by 10am on Saturday! Send an email over to to add any of these titles to your orders or pull list. This week’s FOC includes Eight Billion Genies, The Ballad of Ronan, Transformers, Bunny Mask, Harrow County, and more.

Some publishers are no longer offering later printings and some titles are selling out on release. Orders placed after FOC rely on extra stock being available, so get your order in today so you don’t miss out!

This week’s FOC includes (but is definitely not limited to):

  • EIGHT BILLION GENIES #1 (OF 8) – At exactly the same moment, everyone on earth gets a genie and one wish. All hell breaks loose, in a very entertaining way…and that’s just the beginning.
  • BALLAD OF RONAN #1 (OF 6) – When Aisling, an angry Irish orphan, runs away from foster care, she’s going to discover that the war to extinguish magic isn’t over. Her only hope – find out where the magic went and how to bring it back!
  • TRANSFORMERS LAST BOT STANDING #1 – The planet Donnokt sits on the edge of the universe, far away from all the stars that are flickering and fading out one last time. On the far edge of nowhere, a Visitor arrives, and Donnokt will never be the same again.
  • DUNE TALES FROM ARRAKEEN HC – Tasked with overthrowing the Atreides stronghold during the events of Dune, Jopati must choose between duty and forgiveness. Meanwhile, Sgt. Vitt must use his family’s gift of storytelling as a Jongleur to transport his men from their tomb to their homeworld of Caladan. Collects Dune: Blood of the Sardaukar #1 & Dune: A Whisper of Caladan Seas #1.
  • TALES FROM HARROW COUNTY LOST ONES #1 (OF 4)  – Ten years have passed since Emmy left Harrow County. In this epic and essential tale, find out where life has taken Emmy and what dangers lurk in the shadows waiting for in this story that takes place outside of Harrow County for the first time.
  • BUNNY MASK HOLLOW INSIDE #1 – Her footfalls don’t exist. She leaves no marks. Her eyes are a white abyss. Her name is Bunny Mask, and she’s free from her cave and moving through the city, searching for sickness and enacting her own unfathomable sense of justice.

You can check out more of this week’s FOC titles on the Previews World website by clicking here!

DC COMICS are not included on Previews World! The full list of DC Comics on FOC this week is below.

  • Batgirls #6 Cvr A Jorge Corona
  • Batgirls #6 Cvr B Michael Cho Card Stock Var
  • Batgirls #6 Cvr C Audrey Mok Aapi Card Stock Var
  • Blood Syndicate Season One #1 (Of 6) Cvr A Dexter Soy
  • Blood Syndicate Season One #1 (Of 6) Cvr B Chriscross Old School Card Stock Var
  • Blood Syndicate Season One #1 (Of 6) Cvr C Nikolas Draper-Ivey New School Card Stock Var
  • Future State Gotham #13 Cvr A Simone Di Meo
  • Future State Gotham #13 Cvr B Mike Bowden Card Stock Var
  • I Am Batman #9 Cvr A Stephen Segovia
  • I Am Batman #9 Cvr B Gerardo Zaffino Card Stock Var
  • Justice League Vs. The Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 (Of 6)
  • Justice League Vs. The Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 (Of 6) Travis Moore Cardstock Variant
  • Naomi Season 2 #3 (Of 6)
  • Superman Son Of Kal-El #11 Cvr A Travis Moore
  • Superman Son Of Kal-El #11 Cvr B Roger Cruz & Norm Rapmund Card Stock Var
  • Superman Son Of Kal-El #11 Cvr C Brian Ching Aapi Card Stock Var
  • Sandman Universe Nightmare Country #2 Cvr A Mateus Manhanini (Mr)
  • Sandman Universe Nightmare Country #2 Cvr B Christian Ward Card Stock Var (Mr)
  • Wonder Woman #787 Cvr A Yanick Paquette
  • Wonder Woman #787 Cvr B Jonboy Meyers Card Stock Var
  • Batman The Adventures Continue Season 2 TP
  • Justice League Last Ride TP
  • Nightwing Fear State HC
  • Superman The Golden Age Omnibus HC Vol 07

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