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Final Orders Due

Final Order Cutoff – Comics for 23rd April 2022

This is your weekly reminder that Final Order Cutoff (FOC) orders are due by 10am on Saturday! Send an email over to to add any of these titles to your orders or pull list. This week’s FOC includes I Hate This Place, Fables, Fox and Hare, Justice League Dark and more.

Some publishers are no longer offering later printings and some titles are selling out on release. Orders placed after FOC rely on extra stock being available, so get your order in today so you don’t miss out!

This week’s FOC includes (but is definitely not limited to):

  • I HATE THIS PLACE #1 – Gabby and Trudy have to play by the “house rules” to survive the ghosts, aliens, and supernatural beings attracted by the mysterious force that inhabits their new home. *Note: This cover is available in standard or explicit (text) variants. Please let us know which cover you prefer! (Explicit cover can be viewed here.)
  • FOX AND HARE #1 – Black market coder Aurora Yi is on the run after discovering a mega corporation’s top secret data, and turns to the Fox and Hare, the most feared mercenaries in the city, for protection.
  • FABLES #151 – Fables is back with an all-new 12-issue story, and Bill Willingham picks up right where things left off! A legendary new adversary arrives, as does a new Jack in the Green, and a Fable long thought dead returns…
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE GREAT WICKEDNESS TP – The Justice League Dark backup stories from Justice League #59-71 are collected into a single volume! Zatanna, John Constantine, and the team need all the help they can get as Merlin turns his blood-drenched plot toward Atlantis.

Loved issue #1 of these? Make sure to add it to your pull list to get issue #2 onward!


You can check out more of this week’s FOC titles on the Previews World website by clicking here!

DC COMICS are not included on Previews World! The full list of DC Comics on FOC this week is below.

  • Batman Superman Worlds Finest #3 Cvr A Dan Mora
  • Batman Superman Worlds Finest #3 Cvr B Lucio Parrillo Card Stock Var
  • Batman Beyond The White Knight #3 (Of 8) Cvr A Sean Murphy
  • Batman Beyond The White Knight #3 (Of 8) Cvr B Sean Murphy Var
  • Batman The Knight #5 (Of 10) Cvr A Carmine Di Giandomenico
  • Batman The Knight #5 (Of 10) Cvr B Riccardo Federici Card Stock Var
  • Catwoman #43 Cvr A Jeff Dekal
  • Catwoman #43 Cvr B Jenny Frison Card Stock Var
  • Catwoman #43 Cvr C Takeshi Miyazawa Aapi Card Stock Var
  • Duo #1 (Of 6) Cvr A Dike Ruan
  • Duo #1 (Of 6) Cvr B Denys Cowan Card Stock Var
  • Earth-Prime #4 (Of 6) Stargirl Cvr A Kim Jacinto
  • Earth-Prime #4 (Of 6) Stargirl Cvr B Photo Card Stock Var
  • Fables #151 Cvr A Qistina Khalidah
  • Fables #151 Cvr B Mark Buckingham Card Stock Var
  • Looney Tunes #266
  • Mad Magazine #26
  • Nightwing #92 Cvr A Bruno Redondo
  • Nightwing #92 Cvr B Jamal Campbell Card Stock Var
  • Nightwing #92 Cvr C Jen Bartel Aapi Card Stock Var
  • Nightwing #92 Cvr E David Talaski Card Stock Var
  • Shadow War Zone #1 (One Shot) Cvr A Jonboy Meyers
  • Shadow War Zone #1 (One Shot) Cvr B Howard Porter X-Men Homage Var
  • Flash #782 Cvr A Brandon Peterson & Michael Atiyeh
  • Flash #782 Cvr B Todd Nauck Card Stock Var
  • Wonder Woman Evolution #7 (Of 8) Cvr A Mike Hawthorne
  • Wonder Woman Evolution #7 (Of 8) Cvr B Gary Frank Card Stock Var
  • 52 Omnibus HC 2022 Edition
  • Checkmate TP
  • Justice League Dark The Great Wickedness TP
  • Zatanna The Jewel Of Gravesend TP

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