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Free Comic Book Day 2022 Has Arrived!

It’s finally here! After two years, Free Comic Book Day is back in its rightful place on the first Saturday in May. We’re thrilled to be able to run this event again this year, and hope you all get a chance to visit us in store today!

Don’t forget that FCBD is an international event. Wherever you are today, you can check if you have a local comic store close to you that is participating!

The tables have been laid out, and we’re very excited to see what titles are going to be picked up. If you haven’t yet seen what the options are this year, you can check out the overviews here.

Age Ratings

For the last couple years, FCBD has been using a colour coding system for titles to give an idea of the recommended age range. All titles* are using the following colour logos to indicate the appropriate reading age.

Titles with a green logo should be suitable for All Ages. Blue logos are intended for Teen (age 13+) and adult readers. Red logos are for Mature (age 18+) readers only. We have made sure to keep these age recommendations in separated sections, to make it easy to find the right comics for you and your family. (Please be aware we will be monitoring the Mature section to ensure younger readers do not pick these titles up.)

*Note: A small number of comics don’t fit neatly into this colour system. DC Super Pets is marked as an All Ages comic, but has a blue logo instead of a green one. There are three blue logo (Teen) comics that we have moved into our red logo (Mature) section: Barbaric, Bunny Tales, and Clementine. For the first two, this is because while the FCBD issue may be suitable for teens, the associated graphic novels may not be. For Clementine, this is due to its association with The Walking Dead, a series which is not suitable for younger readers. These three titles will be available to teen readers with parental approval.

How It Works

If you’ve never participated in Free Comic Book Day before, or just need a reminder, here’s how the event works at Proud Lion!

  • Five free comics per person. You can select up to five different comics on the day! These can only be selected from the marked FCBD titles. We ask everyone to please only take titles they think they will read, to make sure everyone has a chance to try something they like!
  • First-come, first-served basis. We don’t offer reservations on FCBD (except for pull lists, see below), so if there’s a title you absolutely want, try to get here as early as you can! Be aware there is often a queue in the morning, and it can be quite busy, but this usually settles down by the afternoon.
  • No additional comics. You are not able to collect additional comics on behalf of someone else. All customers will be limited to five titles, regardless of who they are for. (We appreciate not everyone can make it on the day, but it is not fair for comics to become unavailable for those who have attended!)
  • Reservations for pull list customers. If you have an existing, up-to-date pull list with us that includes any matching titles, these will be automatically put aside for you. These do not count as part of your five free titles on the day. Thank you for keeping your pull list with us!

Safety Rules

We are asking customers to please wear a face mask in store if they are able to. We will have face masks available if you have forgotten yours!

If you are unable to wear a face mask, we will simply ask you to confirm you do not have Covid or Covid symptoms before entering the building. If you are not comfortable answering this question, we will collect your comics for you and bring them to the door so you don’t miss out!

We will be limiting the number of people in store at a time to make sure everyone has room to move around and browse.

One Last Thing

We’ve mentioned it a few times previously, but just as a reminder, these comics are free for customers – but not for your local comic book store! It is not required, but it would be appreciated if you could pick up something new in store while you’re here, to help us run these events again in future. Thank you for your support!

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