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Free RPG Day 2023

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Free RPG Day returns to Proud Lion on Saturday 24th June! With opportunities to play free games and pick up special goodies, it’s the perfect day to stop in to celebrate the roleplaying games we love.

Free-To-Play Games

Proud Lion is going to have four different free-to-play games running for this year’s event! Everything you need to play will be provided, and all games will use safety tools. Every player will get to choose one free item from our selection of participation goodies at the end of their game!

All participants must be aged 14+ to play. (Please note all players for Dread must be aged 18+.) While the store will be open for shopping while games are running, we will not have space for spectators or non-participants at the table.

Please book your space in advance if possible! Click the button at the end of this post to head over to the Proud Lion website and grab your free tickets.

D&D 5E: Heist At The Museum (10am – 12pm)
Game Master: Alex Glasson

A lucrative job, a simple task, a wealthy patron. What could possibly go wrong? This adventure runs on the Dungeons & Dragons 5E RPG system.

Adventure Party (12:30pm – 2:30pm)
Game Master: Bob Churchill

Adventure Party delivers a role-playing experience as a cooperative card-based party game! Players will take turns acting as the Game Master, telling a story together to gain experience points and gain glory.

Dragonbane: Riddermound (3pm – 5pm)
Game Master: Joe Stacey

Investigate Riddermound, a feared and haunted place said to be watching over hidden treasures! This fantasy adventure runs on the not-yet-released Dragonbane system.

Dread: The Family (6pm – 9pm) **
Game Master: Rae Hurley

This family must work together to escape their gruesome fate, but even family have their own secrets… This fantasy horror adventure runs on the Dread system, and uses a block tower instead of dice.

Content warning: Dread is a horror game, and may contain content that some players may find distressing (death, harm, threat, etc). The characters in this game are a family, which includes older children, so there is likely to be references to harm or death of a child. Please note all players for Dread must be aged 18+ due to adult themes and content.


In addition to our in-store games, we’ll have a selection of various RPG goodies available on the day! This year’s selection includes Pathfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Q Workshop dice, Root, Animal Adventures, Avatar Legends, and so many more – plus we’ll have some items from last year’s event available, too.

Some of these items will be completely free, with no purchase required. Others will require a purchase of £10 or more on RPG and related products. Some goodies are in extremely limited supply, so try to get in early if you can!


If there is a specific RPG item you’re hoping to pick up on Free RPG Day, you can let us know in advance! We’ll do our best to get what you’re looking for ordered in for you. Get in touch with us by Wednesday 14th June for your best chance of getting your requests in time.

Ready to join in? Click on the button below to head over to our website and sign up to play!

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