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Game Masters Wanted

Want to run an RPG adventure in store? Check out the details below, then fill out the form to add yourself to Proud Lion’s Game Master list!

What We Run

The sessions we normally offer are on a Saturday afternoon between 12pm and 5pm. We may be able to offer a Wednesday evening slot as an alternative, though these would be less frequent – please talk to us if you think your adventure would be better in an evening slot!

We typically give preference to sessions running with more common RPG systems, such as 5th Edition (D&D-compatible), Pathfinder, Fantasy Age, Star Wars, Numenera/Cypher, Dungeon Crawl Classics, etc.

RPG sessions will have anywhere from two to seven players, often with varying levels of experience. Unless an adventure is specifically for younger ages**, we require all participants to be at least 16 years old.

What We Ask

Our store will be open to the public while your adventure is running. Please keep your adventure content family friendly (think around a “12A” rating), for the benefit of those who may be visiting the shop that day with young people present.

All Game Masters are required to use at least one RPG safety tool at the table. We recommend using the X Card and Lines and Veils, to make sure all players feel safe and comfortable during game play. If you aren’t sure what these are, you can find out more here. If you have different safety tools in mind, please let us know.

** Games run for younger ages have strict game master requirements. Please email us directly if you are considering running an RPG for a younger age group.

What You Get

Game Masters will be able to make use of our in-store RPG materials, including map books, tokens, dice, rulesets and adventure modules. In preparation for the adventure you plan to run, we can print up to 10 B&W pages of content (character sheets, handouts, reference pages, etc).

Game Masters will have access to the Game Master channel in the Proud Lion Discord server, and will also receive store credit (amount dependent on the number of players) after running an adventure in store.

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