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Gaming Events for January 2024

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Want to play in any of these events?
Click the ticket links for more details and to book your spot, or join us in store for on-the-day entry!

Weekly Play

Friday Night Magic (Magic: The Gathering)
Fridays, 5pm – 9pm, £4 entry
FNM is replaced by MTG Commander Challenge on Friday 19th January.

Lorcana League (Disney Lorcana TCG)
Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:30pm, £7 entry

Pokemon Club (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 11am – 12:30pm, £2 entry
Guided learn-to-play games will not be available on Sunday 28th January.

Pokemon League (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 1pm – 4pm, £5 entry
Pokemon League is replaced by Pokemon League Challenge on Sunday 21st January.

January Events

MTG March of the Machine Draft

Saturday 6th January   |   1pm – 5pm

It’ll take the whole Multiverse to end this conflict. Assemble your team and stand together for the final fight in this March of the Machine draft!

Lorcana Casual Tournament

Saturday 13th January   |   1pm – 5pm

Bring a fun deck to challenge local Illumineers! This is a constructed event; all players will need to bring their own deck, lore tracker, and any tokens or dice required to play. This is a casual event, so final placement is for bragging rights alone!

MTG Commander Points Challenge

Friday 19th January   |   6pm – 9pm

Play MTG Commander with some extra challenges to achieve! Commander Challenge is a points-based event, where players bring a Commander deck to try and score as many points as possible during their games. Every player will receive a promo pack for participating, with some bonus prizes for those with high scores.

Marvel Champions Open Play

Saturday 20th January  |   1pm – 5pm

Grab your character deck and come down for some casual play with Marvel Champions! You can have a go at any of the villains we have in store, or feel free to bring any other official scenario pack to play.

Seats for this event may be limited by available space.

Open Gaming

Saturday 20th January   |   1pm – 5pm

Grab a seat and play any game from our board game library!

Seats for this event may be limited by available space.

The One Ring RPG One Shot: Adventure in Wilderland

Saturday 27th January   |   1pm – 5pm

It is 2948 of the Third Age, 7 years after the Battle of the Five Armies. Erebor has been reclaimed by the dwarves, and the people of Dale are rebuilding and becoming prosperous. King Bard for the menfolk, and King Dáin Ironfoot for the dwarves, have maintained the alliance between the Lake and the Lonely Mountain.

But the vestiges of the great goblin armies lurk in the mountains; and the power of the ousted “Necromancer” lingers over Mirkwood. There is rumour of a new threat to peace and prosperity. Who will guard the two kingdoms and venture forth – into the Wilderland?

Beginners Dungeons & Dragons (January Block)

31st January to 21st February
Wednesdays   |   6:30pm – 9:30pm

Learn the basics of Dungeons & Dragons by playing the game over a four-week campaign!

You can follow all of our upcoming events on our calendar! Click the button for more details.

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