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Gaming Events for March 2024

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Want to play in any of these events?
Click the ticket links for more details and to book your spot, or join us in store for on-the-day entry!

Weekly Play

Friday Night Magic (Magic: The Gathering)
Fridays, 5pm – 9pm, £4 entry
FNM is replaced by Fallout Commander Launch Party on Friday 8th March. FNM will not run on Friday 15th March (Race Week) or Friday 29th March (Good Friday).
More details here!

Lorcana League (Disney Lorcana TCG)
Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:30pm, £2 standard entry / £5 booster entry
More details here!

Pokemon Club (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 11am – 12:30pm, £2 entry
Pokemon Club will not run on Sunday 10th March, and is replaced by Prerelease on Sunday 17th March.
More details here!

Pokemon League (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 1pm – 4pm, £6 entry
Pokemon League is replaced by Pokemon League Cup on Sunday 10th March, and Prerelease on Sunday 17th March.
More details here!

March Events

Blood on the Clocktower

Saturday 2nd March   |   1pm – 5pm

During a hellish thunderstorm, on the stroke of midnight, there echoes a bone-chilling scream. The townsfolk rush to investigate and find the town storyteller murdered, their body impaled on the hands of the clocktower, blood dripping onto the cobblestones below. A demon walks amongst you…

Blood on the Clocktower comes to Proud Lion! We’re inviting six to ten players to gather information, trade knowledge, spread lies, and discover the who is on the side of Evil. You’ll need all your powers of deduction and deception to survive this game of murder and mystery! We’ll run as many games as we can between 1pm and 5pm.

Please note all players must be at least 16 years old to take part in this event.

MTG Commander: Fallout Launch Party

Friday 8th March   |   5pm – 9pm

Battle your fellow wastelanders for survival with the Fallout Commander Launch Party! Players who participate in this event with a Fallout Commander deck purchased from Proud Lion will receive an event exclusive promo card.

Players who purchase a ticket to this event agree to preorder a Fallout deck from Proud Lion. (Available decks are first come, first served.) Tickets are only available in store.

Players who purchase their Fallout Commander decks elsewhere may pay entry on the door if space is available, but will not receive a promo card. Priority for seating will be given to those who have preordered or purchased a Fallout deck on the day.

Launch Party replaces our normal Friday Night Magic session.

Lorcana Constructed Event

Saturday 9th March   |   1pm – 5pm

Bring your best 60-card Lorcana deck and challenge yourself against the local community!

This is a casual event, so the focus is on having fun! Players will take part in 3-4 rounds of Swiss pairings, and receive prizes after the event is completed. Every player will receive a How Far I’ll Go promo card for taking part. The top two players will receive a set of 101 Dalmation sleeves, and the top player will receive a Lorcana logo pin badge. Finally, we will randomly select additional players to receive a set of 101 Dalmation sleeves or an official Lorcana lore counter!

MTG Sealed: Murders at Karlov Manor

Saturday 16th March  |   1pm – 5pm

Murder! Mystery! Magic! A string of alarming murders streaks across the plane of Ravnica, and your players will step into the shoes of Ravnica’s greatest detectives to track the clues and crack the case. Will they uncover the mastermind before it’s too late? Find out in Murders at Karlov Manor!

This is a casual sealed event. Players will receive six booster packs to build a deck at the start, then play that deck across three rounds of best-of-three matches. Every player will receive a foil promo pack and a Chaos Warp promo card for completing the event. After all rounds are finished, one random player will also receive a Buy-A-Box promo card of their choice.

Pokemon Prerelease: Temporal Forces

Sunday 17th March
Club Prerelease   |   11am – 1pm
League Prerelease   |   1:30pm – 4pm

Get the newest Pokemon cards before release! Get a Build & Battle Box and play in a casual tournament with the local community. You don’t need to have played in a prerelease before to take part – you only need to know how to play!

The League Prerelease event includes 30 minutes of deck building, and each event includes 3 game rounds of 30 minutes each. We recommend the Club event for young players and parents, and the League event for teens, adults, and experienced young players. All players will need to bring any tokens or dice they need to play Pokemon TCG. Every player will also receive three booster packs at the end of the event!

Marvel Champions Open Play

Saturday 23rd March   |   1pm – 5pm

Grab your character deck and come down for some casual play with Marvel Champions! You can have a go at any of the villains we have in store, or feel free to bring any other official scenario pack to play.

Every player will receive a set of promo cards from our available selection!

Game Master Social

Saturday 23rd March   |   1pm – 5pm

Grab your dice, maps, encounters, or whatever else you need to be creative! This session is a meet up for game masters to have a chat and work on their various RPG projects. Feel free to ask for advice on a thorny adventure problem, share techniques that you’ve found useful, talk about new games coming out that you can’t wait to try, or just grab a seat and do your own RPG thing.

This is a free event suitable for all experience levels, whether you’ve been running roleplaying games for years or about to start your very first session!

Pokemon League Cup

Sunday 24th March   |   *10am – 6pm

Bring your best Pokemon skills for a League Cup!

This event will follow standard tournament rules. All players will need to bring a standard legal deck, any dice or tokens they need to play Pokemon TCG, and a physical copy of your deck list. We also recommend bringing spare card sleeves for your deck.

Every player will receive two prize packs and one booster pack for completing the event. Additional booster packs will be awarded to top-placing players in each age division at the end of the event. The top player in each category will also receive a winner’s playmat!

* IMPORTANT: Players must arrive for this event and turn in their decklist by no later than 9:45am.

Tickets for this event are available in store now for regular League players, and will be available online two weeks before the event.

MTG Commander: Points Challenge

Saturday 30th March   |   1pm – 5pm

Play MTG Commander with some extra challenges to achieve! Commander Challenge is a points-based event, where players bring a Commander deck to try and score as many points as possible during their games. Every player will receive a promo pack and a Reliquary Tower promo card for participating. The top 2/3/4 players (depending on participation) will receive a Lotus Petal promo card. At the end of the event, one random player will receive a Buy-A-Box promo of their choice.

Please check the ticket link for more information about the points system!

You can follow all of our upcoming events on our calendar! Click the button for more details.