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Gaming Events For October 2022

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Tickets for the following game events in October are available now! Head over to the Proud Lion webstore to book your spot.

Don’t forget that all players are asked to please wear a face mask during these events (unless exempt)!

Magic: The Gathering Unfinity Release Draft

Friday 7th October, 7:30pm ** (£18)
Saturday 8th October, 12pm (£15)

Join us for drafting the newest MTG Un-set! This events will be casual drafts. Players will draft in pods as normal, but then will be able to play any other participant in the draft. No rounds, no timers, no pressure – just fun games with anyone else taking part!

** Tickets for Friday night’s event includes entry to Commander (5pm) and Friday Night Magic (7pm).

My Father’s Work Game Day

Saturday 15th October, 12pm (£6)

Play as competing mad scientists entrusted with a page from their father’s journal, along with a large estate in which to perform their devious experiments! Earn points by completing Experiments, aiding the Town in its endeavors, and hopefully completing their Father’s Work in this app-driven branching-narrative game.

D&D Aeronautical Adventure

Saturday 22nd October, 12pm (£10)

Your crew is docked at port on the island of Mintarn for airship refuelling when your captain picks up a much-needed job. They need to take a mysterious, small package across the sea to Waterdeep. On the best of days, the journey is treacherous, but with this little box on board, it should prove quite the adventure…

Arkham Horror Invocation

Saturday 29th October, 12pm (£5)

Unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies in Arkham Horror Invocation! After a strange meteor strikes just beyond the edge of Blackwater, the town was placed under lockdown by a shadowy government agency – that is, until the thing hatched. Now the only way you’re getting out alive is if you kill it…if that’s even possible.

Want to take part in any of these events? Click the button to get your tickets!

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