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  • New Releases – 14th February 2024
    New releases are here! This week includes family conflict for Satan, journeys through the afterlife, villainous sons, the return of Red Hood, the Candy-Man’s daughter making the world a “sweeter” place, epic queer fantasy, proactive roleplaying advice, and more!
  • New Season of Magic: The Gathering Sealed League Begins!
    From Friday 9th February, Magic: The Gathering players will be able to sign up to the new season of sealed league! This ongoing event gives players a chance to play quick games of Magic against other league players, while earning points for prizes.
  • New Releases – 7th February 2024
    New releases are here! This week includes the Thundercats rebuilding on a new world, Ultimate Black Panther rising against Khonshu and Ra, Amanda Waller recruiting the strongest villains for her Task Force X, the beginning of Joker Year One, Mace Windu travelling a mysterious and treacherous path, Power Rangers reuniting to find their missing companion, even more shiny Pokemon with Paldean Fates, life lessons learned from roleplaying games, and more!
  • New Releases – 31st January 2024
    New releases are here! This week includes a comic adventure for Lilo and Stitch, a deadly race against time for a wing walker and her pilot, a cataclysmic battle between terrifying creatures, a cookie catastrophe, a murder mystery on the cards, bedtime stories for little D&D fans, and more!

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    LOCATION: Proud Lion Comics and Games, 8 St George’s Place, Cheltenham, GL50 3JZ