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Join Proud Lion on Discord!

Last year we asked our community about their use of social media and Discord. Many people told us they are more likely to use Discord than social media, and we are seeing a growing number of our customers who prefer not to use social media at all.

This year we will be moving our various interest-specific Facebook groups to Discord. Each group has a dedicated channel on the server, so you can still find the information you’re looking for easily. The groups we have will remain in place for a few more months, but we recommend joining our Discord server for the most up-to-date information.

For those who continue to use social media, don’t panic – we aren’t leaving completely! We will still have our main Facebook page, as well as our pages on Twitter and Instagram, for important updates. We’ve also been working behind the scenes to make information more accessible for everyone through our website, store blog, and email newsletters, so you have plenty of ways to find out what’s going on at Proud Lion!

If you’d like to join our Proud Lion Discord server, you can do that by clicking the button!


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