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New Comics and Books (June Week 2)

New comics and books are here! This week includes superhuman beings in 19th century Gotham, a dying Earth torn between two evolutionary paths, twelve mutants competing to become the heir of Apocalypse, monstrous consequences for adventurous children, a Twisted Tale for Wendy Darling, and so much more! Check out the details below.

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(W) Andy Diggle (A/CA) Leandro Fernandez

When a mysterious meteor falls on the wide-open plains of the Midwest, it will unleash a chain of events that find Gotham’s bizarre Batman contending with not just the twin threats of the Catwoman and a mysterious international assassin but also the emergence of superhuman beings beyond all comprehension!

This sequel series expands the 19th-century DC Universe beyond the confines of Gotham City, showcasing bold new visions of once-familiar heroes…

Do not miss it!


(W) Brian Augustyn (A) Mike Mignola, P. Craig Russell (CA) Mike Mignola

This now-classic tale of the Dark Knight reimagines Batman in the Gotham City of 1889, where a murderer is on the loose preying on its citizens: Jack the Ripper.

The story that helped usher in DC’s Elseworlds initiative is reprinted for the first time as a facsimile edition.

Available in regular cover or foil version while stocks last!


(W) Cliff Rathburn (A/CA) Cliff Rathburn

The year is 2450. Earth is dying. The human species has gone down two different evolutionary paths.

One used cybernetic augmentation to adapt to space travel.

The humans left behind used genetic manipulation to adapt to earth’s worsening climate.

For Earth to survive, they need to find a way to come back together!


(W) Steve Foxe (A) Netho Diaz (CA) Dotun Akande

For centuries, Apocalypse tested the mutants of Earth to guarantee that only the strong would survive.

Now, as he takes his throne on Arakko, another must rise in his place and ensure the mutants of Earth do not grow weak in his absence!

Twelve mutants chosen from the X-Men’s greatest heroes – and villains – will compete for the honour, but only one can become… the HEIR OF APOCALYPSE!

Rated T+

LAWFUL #1 (OF 8)

(W) Greg Pak (A) Diego Galindo (CA) Qistina Khalidah

Magical meets modern in a walled city with strangely familiar architecture, where two small children with a sense of adventure get a grim reminder of reality…

Because every mistake one makes in this world will cause them to transform into a monster, bit by bit, and in the eyes of society, there’s no distinction between the rules and what’s right!

Imperfection breeds monstrous consequences in this urban fantasy adventure with deep social commentary from renowned and award-winning writer Greg Pak (Mech Cadets, Darth Vader, Planet Hulk) and acclaimed artist Diego Galindo (Stranger Things: The Voyage).


(W) Andrea Shea (A) Jen Bartel, Phil Jimenez, Jim Lee, Joshua Sway Swaby, David Talaski, Babs Tarr, Kris Anka, and Others (CA) Jen Bartel

DC’s most iconic LGBTQIA+ artists put the party in Pride with their fabulous array of variant covers spotlighting LGBTQIA+ characters across the DCU year after year, and this art book collects a robust selection of fan favourites in one place for the very first time!

Don’t miss out on a gallery of gorgeous art as imaginative and colourful as the characters themselves.

Features a foil cover from Jen Bartel!

Also released this week…

  • Ain’t No Grave #1 (Of 5) 2nd Ptg
  • Ain’t No Grave #2 (Of 5)
  • Deadpool Wolverine WWIII #1 2nd Ptg
  • Deadpool Wolverine WWIII #2
  • Deadpool #3 (temporarily out of stock, back in next week!)
  • Transformers #9 (temporarily out of stock, back in next week!)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #1 6th Ptg Marco Checchetto Var


(W) Greg Pak (A) Giulia Giacomino (CA) David Nakayama


Life seems to have calmed down for Experiment 626 and his new family – at least until evil aliens come hunting for everyone’s favourite blue-furred troublemaker. The kicker? They’re using giant robots that are powered by Stitch’s own DNA!

Will Lilo’s beloved pet be able to take on these villains and lead them away from his adopted planet and loved ones? And even if he succeeds, will he be able to find his way back home?

Written and illustrated by the acclaimed creative team of GREG PAK and GIULIA GIACOMINO, this digest-sized (6″ x 9″) volume collects issues #1-4 of the ongoing series, and features DAVID NAKAYAMA’s beautiful cover artwork.


(W) Stephanie Kate Strohm, Liz Braswell (A) Noor Sofi

Sixteen-year-old Wendy Darling’s life is not what she imagined it would be.

After nearly meeting her hero, Peter Pan, four years earlier, she still holds on to his shadow – and the hope that his magical home truly exists.

So when the chance to travel to Never Land arises, Wendy makes a deal with Peter’s nemesis in exchange for passage. But the Never Land she discovers isn’t the wondrous place she imagined: Peter is nowhere to be found, and his pixie friend Tinker Bell refuses to speak to her.

Still, when Captain Hook reveals some evil and rather permanent plans for Never Land, it’s up to Wendy and Tink to save Peter Pan – and his world.


(W) Yuhiro Tsujitsugu (A) Yuhiro Tsujitsugu

Yukio was destroyed in battle and Tetsuo survived in an escape pod.

After eight years in cold sleep, the escape pod finally lands back on Earth, and Tetsuo awakens, determined to fulfill his promise to his comrade in arms that he would live his life to the fullest and make many friends. But what he finds instead is a world in ruins, entirely frozen beneath a blanket of ice and snow – a snowball Earth!

What happened to humanity, how did the Earth freeze over, and will Tetsuo be able to keep his last promise to Yukio?


(W) Yuto Sano (A) Yuto Sano

There’s never a shortage of crime around town, and a young boy searching for his beastman friend is just another entry on a long list of missing persons reports.

However, Tao and Alma realise that they’re the only ones able to solve this case – and destroy the vicious monsters waiting around every street corner.


(W) Clint McElroy, Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy (A/CA) Carey Pietsch

Taako, Magnus, and Merle are near the end of their quest to collect the seven Grand Relics, dangerous magical artifacts which threaten the world as they know it. The penultimate item on their adventuring to-do list is the Animus Bell, which The Director tells them is hidden at the heart of Wonderland, a carnival of torment. Once inside, the boys will have their shot at winning the Bell… but each step forward comes at a horrible cost. And the deeper they go – the closer they get – the higher a price they’ll pay. And if they can secure the Bell, surely then the worst will be over, right?

They’re so close to the end, after all, and they’ve gone through so much to get this far. There can’t possibly be any further surprises in store…


(W) Emma Krogell (A) Emma Krogell

Lumine has a big, fluffy secret – he is a werewolf, a rare and powerful type of magical being thought to be extinct.

Except… he can’t transform properly. When robbers attack the Lumine and Kody, Lumine shifts into his other form: a tiny, fierce, and ridiculously cute puppy dog. How is he supposed to instill fear in their enemies like that?!

Impressed with the small but mighty pup, Kody’s dad hires Lumine to be his son’s bodyguard. Lumine is determined to both protect Kody and become his friend, but the mysterious witch does everything in his power to keep Lumine at arm’s length.

Without realizing, Lumine has stumbled paws first into a family full of their own secrets. Kody can’t control his magic and is being haunted by an evil spirit, and his father’s motivations for hiring Lumine aren’t nearly as simple as they seem. Things are far more dangerous than Lumine bargained for, and this is only the beginning.

This volume collects episodes 1 to 14 of the charming WEBTOON comic.


(W) Lorinczi, Balazs (A) Lorinczi, Balazs

All’s fair in love and music when this supernatural all-girl rock band must beat the odds and become the best band in town!

Izzy’s a bass-playing werewolf. Geraldine’s the ghost of an amazing jazz pianist. Delilah’s the meanest drummer in town. They’d be the perfect trio to win the Battle of Bands… except Geraldine can’t play a solo since she passed away, and Izzy and Delilah are at each other’s throats at every opportunity.

Can they work through their problems to win the competition, or will they be defeated by Delilah’s ex-band and their villainous frontman, Dylan?

Sparks will fly, milkshakes will melt, and ears will ring in the latest delicious LGBTQ romp from graphic novelist Balazs Lorinczi.

Also arriving this week!

  • Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Finder TP
  • Hunger & Dusk Vol 01 TP
  • Star Wars High Republic Phase III Vol 01 Children Of The Storm TP
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Stories Vol 03 Light & Shadows TP
  • Titans (2023) Vol 01 Out Of The Shadows TP

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