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New Games (April Week 1)

New games are here! This week includes new mapping options for RPG game masters, Pirate Borg, a new Ravenloft comic one-shot, and the beautiful creature-filled board game, Vale of Eternity. Check out the details below!

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Enter a fantastical world of monsters, spirits, and gods! As a tamer, you’ll hunt and tame a variety of creatures, with the ultimate goal of capturing the powerful and noble dragons. With 70 creatures from global myths, each game is unique and unpredictable. In each round, players draft cards, take actions, and use the effects of their summoned minions. The player who tames the most outstanding creatures will emerge victorious.


This game is about being a greedy, filthy, scoundrel. Find a ship. Recruit some crew. Raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer your weasley black guts out. Get a bigger ship. Kill some things. Upgrade your ship. Sneak into a fort. Raid a port. Acquire treasure. Bury said treasure. Become infamous. Search for someone else’s treasure. Flee in terror from unfathomable creatures from the deep. Drink all of the rum. Die on the high seas. Roll a new character and do it all again.

Inspired by history, fantasy, horror and rum. Your cutlass & flintlock won’t save you from the hordes of skeletons, the Kraken, or even your own crew. PIRATE BORG is a complete game based on and compatible with the award -winning MÖRK BORG RPG.


The Battle Map Board – Grid and Hex – is a wipe clean board folding out to 24×24 inches. A must have for Dungeon & Game Masters, this durable board is wet & dry erase compatible with a large flat area with reference 1” grid on one side and 1” hex on the reverse.

The board is super easy to clean (simple use a damp cloth) and store as it folds to a handy 1×1 foot. Drawing maps to suit your encounter is a doddle with the reference grid & hex, and the large area allows for any encounter to be accommodated.


Unleash the power of magic in your tabletop games with Deep Magic: Arcane Map Tiles! Explore 24 beautifully illustrated 7″ by 7″ map tiles featuring arcane chambers, mystical portals, and other enchanting elements. Create limitless adventure possibilities and astound your players. From mystical summoning circles to necrotic chambers, the magic is in your hands with Deep Magic Map Tiles!

New games are available in store now!

You can view many of our new releases online at the link below. Some titles may not be available on our webstore. All new titles on our webstore are for in-store collection only for the first week after release.

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