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New Games (March Week 3)

New games are here! This week includes Vox Machina vs Mighty Nein in Universus Critical Role, new lore and dragon options for playable characters in 5E with BattleZoo Ancestries, Pokemon Temporal Forces, and the latest Dragon Shield Dual Matte sleeve colours! Check out the details below.


Whether diving into dungeons or exploring the wilderness, the characters from Critical Role are always ready for a good time! UVS Games is bringing the exciting world of Exandria, home to the many campaigns of Critical Role, to Universus! These 2 brand new decks are great for new and established Universus players alike!

  • 2 Character options give you more ways to play each deck! Vox Machia features Vex’ahlia and Vax’ildan. Mighty Nein features Nott and Jester.
  • In each box is an advanced, ready-to-play 60 card deck that includes 2 all-new characters.
  • Each Challenger Series includes a collector booster pack , featuring 6 alt-art foil cards.


Become the dragon with the new dragon ancestry for 5th Edition. With 45 different heritages as well as options to play a mystical dragon mage or a mighty draconic ravanger, you can customize your dragon character like no other. Learn the secret ritual allowing dragons to grow powerful without waiting for centuries, or collect your treasure in a hoard of power to gain benefits in a traditional dragon fashion.


The ranks of Ancient and Future Pokémon continue to grow! Walking Wake ex breaks free of the past alongside Raging Bolt ex, while Iron Leaves ex delivers high-tech justice with Iron Crown ex. Outside Area Zero, Wugtrio and Farigiraf shift types as Tera Pokémon ex, and Pokémon Trainers everywhere prepare for the return of ACE SPEC cards with uniquely powerful effects. A rupture in time brings wild beasts and cyber visions to battle in the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Temporal Forces expansion!

Booster packs and Elite Trainer Boxes will be available from Friday 22nd March!

Also released this week…

  • Pokemon March Stacking Tins
  • Dragon Shield Dual Matte Standard Sleeves Soul (100)
  • Dragon Shield Dual Matte Standard Sleeves Power (100)

New games are available in store from Thursday (unless otherwise stated)!

You can view many of our new releases online at the link below. Some titles may not be available on our webstore. All new titles on our webstore are for in-store collection only for the first week after release.

See something you want that’s already sold out? Get in touch with us to see if we can restock or backorder it for you!