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New Releases – 14th February 2024

New releases are here! This week includes family conflict for Satan, journeys through the afterlife, villainous sons, the return of Red Hood, the Candy-Man’s daughter making the world a “sweeter” place, epic queer fantasy, proactive roleplaying advice, and more! Check out the details below.


(W) Ryan Parrott, Noah Gardner (A/CA) John Pearson

Abraham “Abe” Morgenstern, the son of Satan, has one month to live.

Before he dies, he must decide which of his three wayward children – volatile narcissist Nero, conflicted field operative Jackal, or troubled schoolgirl Bee – will inherit his shadowy empire. But will Abe ever be able to truly cede control of the Apocalypse? Or does the Antichrist have something else up his sleeve…

Writers Ryan Parrott (Rogue Sun, Power Rangers) and WGA Award nominee Noah Gardner are joined by Eisner Award-winning artist John Pearson (The Department of Truth, Blue In Green) for an epic tale about family, power, legacy, and the end of the world!


(W) Tom Drogalis (A/CA) Federico Guillen

Virgil, the victim of a fanatical cult, is confronted with profound questions about the universe and the nature of his existence as he journeys through the afterlife.

Death becomes the catalyst for an adventure that defies his imagination, revealing unimaginable horrors and a glimmer of hope that motivates him to reunite with his recently deceased parents.

Throughout his dangerous quest, Virgil encounters treacherous landscapes, and endures trials that challenge his determination. In the realm of the afterlife, with its perplexing rules, he forges an unexpected alliance and navigates through a world of mysteries.


(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) David Lafuente (CA) Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy (VCA) Pete Woods

They’re bad to the bone, ready to brawl, and the sons of two of the deadliest villains in the galaxy: they’re the Sinister Sons and the DC Universe will never be the same!

When the son of General Zod was cast off of his adopted homeworld of New Kandor, Lor-Zod runs afoul of a kid on a mission: Sinson is out to prove he’s got what it takes to live up to the family name of Sinestro! But all is not as it seems, and the sons’ journeys will take them into the heart of darkness in this sensational first issue!

Superstar Super Sons scribe Peter J. Tomasi returns to the world of DC youth once again – joined by fan-favourite artist David Lafuente – to craft one of the most dynamic debuts of a duo in DCU history!


(W) Steve Orlando (A) Lorenzo Tammetta (CA) Russell Dauterman

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have been heroes, friends, family heads and occasionally villains, but, above all, they are twins who look out for each other. So when Wanda receives a letter from the recently deceased Magneto that would upset Pietro, she burns the letter before her brother can read it. But her choice drives them apart at the worst possible time: a new threat heralded by the Wizard – with a horrifying eldritch upgrade – is coming for their heads, and if they can’t find a way to repair their damaged bond, it will cost them their lives.

Join the fan-favourite SCARLET WITCH creative team as they celebrate sixty years of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with this new chapter in the twins’ storied legacy!


(W) Shawn Martinbrough (A/CA) Sanford Greene

Welcome to the Hill – formerly one of Gotham’s most dangerous suburbs – a place that required its residents to band together to keep themselves safe when the police, and sometimes even Batman, wouldn’t.

Now, as the Hill finds itself gentrifying, old habits die hard as the vigilante known only as Strike works with her team to keep the town safe – but she’s not alone. Jason Todd, one of the Hill’s newest residents, is more than happy to don the visage of Red Hood to help Strike keep his new home safe. But a new villain is emerging from the shadows. Will Red Hood, Strike and the Hill’s small militia of vigilantes be able to keep their home safe?

Check out Red Hood’s return to find out!

Also released this week…

  • Action Comics #1062
  • Amazing Spider-Man #43
  • Batman #143
  • Batman And Robin #6
  • Beware The Planet Of The Apes #2
  • Creepshow Wolverton Station (One-Shot)
  • Deviant #4 (Of 9)
  • Fall Of The House Of X #2
  • Firefly The Fall Guys #5 (of 6)
  • Green Lantern #8
  • Kill Your Darlings #6
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #16
  • Spider-Gwen Smash #3
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #43
  • Superior Spider-Man #4
  • Thunderbolts #3
  • TMNT Ongoing #148
  • Transformers #5
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #1 2nd Ptg Silva Var SOLD OUT (3rd Ptg – due 06/03/24)
  • Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #2
  • Wolverine #43


(W) Suzanne Cafiero (A/CA) Jeff Zornow

Sweetie Candy Vigilante is a honey-dipped horror/fantasy that tells the tale of Sweetie, an ethereal, well-meaning (yet unquestionably unhinged) blood relative of the mythological “candy man.” You know, the dude that takes the sunrise and sprinkles it with dew? Yeah – that guy. Dismayed by the decay of her community, Sweetie decides to enact a blood-caked, sugar-coated manifesto on society by using her proprietary family secrets to make the world a “sweeter” place – starting with her hometown, New York City! Isn’t that nice? So buckle up, gumdrop, and make sure you save room for dessert, because this book has it all – blood, guts, and a sugar rush!

Collects issues #1-6, including a gallery of original series covers by Zornow, Josh Howard, Nei Ruffino, Ned Ivory, Chrissie Zullo, Joe Simko, Godmachine and more, as well as a free MP3 of Osaka Popstar’s dynamic punk rendering of the Archies’ classic “Sugar, Sugar!”


(W) Jeremy Whitley (A/CA) Megan Huang

Epic fantasy, queer romance, and hardboiled detective noir!

Ten years after her disgrace and exile, Sir Noelani Mahi’ai – former Royal Champion of the kingdom of Patria Lupi and Queen’s protector – has been hiding under a rock at the bottom of a bottle and hasn’t lifted a sword in all that time.

Until one day, the Queen summons Noelani to find her daughter who has mysteriously disappeared the night before her wedding.

Also released this week…

  • Dog Man Vol 11 Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea GN
  • Something Is Killing The Children Vol 07 TP


This unique new RPG guidebook is designed to transform gameplay in ways that empower players to create their own motivations and goals, then proactively pursue them-in effect, guiding the narrative of their characters, rather than having the Game Master do it. Traditional TTRPGs have for decades relied on reactive player responses in order to function. In other words, there is an evil wizard out to take over the world. The player characters are good, therefore it’s their duty to go stop the wizard. Game play then follows a traditional storytelling narrative of protagonists working to return their world back to the status quo, or an improved position. Bad guy makes a move, good guys move to stop him. The problem with this style of gameplay is that players are always reacting to what’s put in front of them.

Includes foreword by Ginny Di and afterword by Jeff Ashworth!

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