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New Releases – 17th January 2024

New releases are here! This week includes Avengers in a gleaming new world, one man’s sinister plan to harness Energon, war looming for the Bloodaxe family, the Wild West of Metropolis, an enraged Hulk taking permanent control of Bruce, elemental stones of power, the definitive edition of Welcome To…, puzzles to assemble the rulebook itself, and more! Check out the details below.

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(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Daniel Acuna (CA) Alex Ross (VCA) Skottie Young

In a gleaming new world of prosperity, Captain America is no more. But Steve Rogers still exists, floating through an America where freedom is an illusion, where THE AVENGERS are strangers and his friends are long dead. But is the Dream? How do you assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them?

PLUS: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of this issue!    

Rated T+


(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Andrea Milana, Annalisa Leoni

In a world where the Cobra organization hasn’t formed, one man’s sinister plans to utilize the mysterious alien substance known as Energon sends shockwaves across the globe.

Who is Cobra Commander? Where does he come from? And what horrors is he planning to unleash that will rock the world – and maybe the universe – to its core?

Red-Hot writer Joshua Williamson (Superman, Duke) and artist Andrea Milana (Impact Winter: Rook) kick off the second of four action-packed miniseries that will introduce the best and worst humanity has to offer in the Energon Universe.


(W) Mags Visagio, Zack Snyder (A) Clark Bint (CA) Artgerm

As war is looming on the horizon on the planet Shasu, the leader of the Bloodaxe family is conflicted between living up to his father’s domineering legacy and maintaining the peace.

It is up to him to settle the conflicts within himself, and his family, before the entire planet erupts in war.

Based on a story by Zack Snyder and written by Eisner-Nominated Mags Visaggio!


(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Bruno Redondo (CA) Jamal Campbell


Welcome to the Wild West of Metropolis, where the Man of Tomorrow meets the Man from Yesterday!

Clark Kent is on a rootin’-tootin’ rodeo adventure alongside the ghostly Marilyn Moonlight as they get to the bottom of why she haunts the night!

Get your posse and join us for a hoedown like you’ve never seen before.


Also released this week…

  • Alien #3
  • Amazing Spider-Man #42
  • Cable #1
  • Conan Barbarian #6
  • Daredevil #5
  • Deviant #3 (of 9)
  • Fantastic Four #16
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #10
  • Invincible Iron Man #14
  • Jackpot #1
  • Justice League Vs Godzilla Vs Kong #4 (of 6)
  • Kill Your Darlings #5
  • Miguel O’Hara Spider-Man 2099 #3
  • Miracleman Silver Age #7
  • Nightwing #110
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Fang Hunter #1
  • Star Trek #16
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters #42
  • Star Wars The High Republic #3 (delayed due to delivery shortage)
  • Stranger Things Voyage #3
  • Titans #7
  • Walking Dead Dlx #81
  • X-Men #30

Shipping Advisory – Delayed Comics

The following issues were due to be released this week but have arrived late from the printers to the supplier. These comics will now be shipping a week late, on Wednesday 24th January 2024.

DC COMICS: Catwoman #61, Jay Garrick: The Flash #4, John Constantine: Hellblazer – Dead in America #1, Superman Lost #10, Wonder Woman #5

BOOM! STUDIOS: Dune: House Harkonnen #12, Mech Cadets #5, Zawa #3


(W) Philip Kennedy Johnson, Various (A) Various (A/CA) Nic Klein

As an enraged Hulk tries to take permanent control of the body he shares with Bruce Banner, a mysterious immortal turns every monster on Earth against him in an attempt to free their creator, the primordial Mother of Horrors!

With the help of an unlikely new friend, Banner must stop the world from being plunged into darkness – and his journeys take him from an abandoned coal-mining town that gives terrifying new meaning to the term “ghost town” to swamplands where a sultry seductress lures unsuspecting victims into her trap!

What is her connection to Marvel’s macabre muck-monster – and will the Hulk burn at the Man-Thing’s touch?!

Plus: A documentary crew on the Hulk’s trail gets too close to the action!

Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (2023) #1-5 and HULK ANNUAL (2023) #1.

Rated T+


A new box set featuring INVINCIBLE VOL 1 (New Edition) TP with and an Invincible action figure, features 18+ point of articulation and comes packed with a range of accessories, including an alternate angry head, among others, in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary! 

Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. Except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet – Omni-Man. When Mark develops powers of his own, it’s a dream come true. But living up to his father’s legacy is only the beginning of Mark’s problems… 

These all-new 6×9 softcover editions collect the entire INVINCIBLE comic book series from the very beginning, with stunning new covers from Cory Walker & Dave McCaig. Collects INVINCIBLE #1-7.

Also released this week…

  • Batman Vol 06 Abyss TP
  • Parasyte Full Color Collection Vol 05 GN


Portals is an abstract game that is easy-to-learn, but the path to mastery is harder than it seems. In this game, you get Key cards and fill them with Elemental stones taken from sources of power. When all icons on the Key card are filled with stones, the card can be activated to transfer stones to available Elemental boards. Become the most skilled wizard – the one to solve the mystery of Dominick Dey’s disappearance!


Welcome to… Collector Edition is the definitive version of the eponymous game. It includes all the released expansion sets (a total of 7 different maps), brand new expansion “Roswell”, previously exclusive expansion “American Dream”, alternate versions of classic game sheets, and more. All in glorious dry-erase form for higher quality feel with 6 dry erase markers and 6 eraser pads, plus a 6-space tray for easy storage.


In Unboxed, you and your friends take on the role of archeology interns under the direction of Dr. Ramos. At the dig site, the team has uncovered ten caches of ancient board games and they need your help to figure out how they were played. The centuries have not been kind to the rulebooks, so you’ll have to infer the rules based on each game’s symbology, components, and your own experience and intuition. Hopefully you’ve been attending board game night regularly…


The Guardians of the Globe are recruiting for an open spot in their group of super heroes and you are determined to prove your worth!

Players take the role of the hopefuls who are required to undertake a live trial by battling villains and besting other heroes! Who can earn the most reputation and join the Guardians, without losing the respect of their peers?


The Wildsea is a tabletop roleplaying game from Quillhound Studios for 2-6 players inspired by stories like Sunless SeaBastion, and the Bas-Lag Trilogy. Set in a world overrun by greenery, Wildsea uses a narrative, fiction-first d6 dicepool system that draws inspiration from games like Belly of the BeastBlades in the Dark, and 13th Age.

Some three hundred years ago the empires of the world were toppled by a wave of fast growing greenery, a tide of rampant growth spilling from the West known as the Verdancy. Now chainsaw-driven ships cut their way across dense treetop waves, their engines powered by oilfruit, rope-golems, honey and pride.

You play a wildsailor, part of a motley crew consisting of humanity’s weathered descendants, cactoid gunslingers, centipedal fungi, silk-clothed spiderfolk, and other, stranger things. With your fellow crewmembers, you’ll journey across the lingin’ tide discovering charts, pursuing drives, and avoiding mires of the deep.

The Wildsea hungers and grows, roots sinking deep into the forest floor as the waves above ripple with life. What will you discover in its depths?

This title is expected to be available later this week!

Also available this week…

  • Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG Beginner Game
  • Star Wars RPG Dice
  • Dragon Shield Standard Matte Sleeves (100) Gold
  • Dragon Shield Standard Matte Sleeves (100) Ivory

New releases are available in store from Wednesday (unless otherwise stated)!

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