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New Releases – 21st December 2022

New releases are… almost here? We’re still waiting for some of our deliveries due to courier delays, but here’s everything we’re expecting to arrive sometime in the next day or two! This week includes Captain Pike on a mission for truth, 24th-century survival, nightmares threatening reality, Harley Quinn’s new status quo, cooperative castle defence, and Spidey dice! Check out the highlights below.

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(W) Kirsten Beyer, Mike Johnson (A/CA) Megan Levens (VCA) Jake Bartok

Journey to new reaches in this exclusive comic tie-in set between seasons one and two of fan-favourite Paramount+ series Strange New Worlds!

With Una accused of unlawful genetic modification by Starfleet, Captain Pike sets out in search of evidence that could prove his first officer’s innocence.

From the mighty pens of Trek duo Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson with art by Megan Levens.


(W) Nicholas Black (A/CA) Serg Acuna

In the 24th-century, a young girl named Rose finds haven in an abandoned mall.

When she is inadvertently thrust into the deadly remnants of America, Rose must learn to adapt if she wants to survive.

Following closely in her wake is Zed, a notorious bounty hunter.

With the odds stacked against her, will Rose make it?


(W) Jonathan Hedrick (A/CA) Luigi Barricelli

There is a forgotten paladin who protects us from our nightmares while we sleep. Without him, we may never wake up again.

He is the Dream Master.

His curse is to guard our unconscious bodies from an evil entity who wishes to enter our reality, collapsing it for all eternity.

Also released this week…

  • Alien #4
  • All New Firefly Big Damn Finale #1
  • Assassins Apprentice I #1 (of 6)
  • Avengers Forever #12
  • Batman Superman Worlds Finest #10
  • Batman Urban Legends #22
  • Batman Vs Robin #4 (of 5)
  • Black Panther #12
  • Brzrkr (Berzerker) #11 (of 12)
  • Dark Crisis Infinite Earths #7 (of 7)
  • Dark Web Ms Marvel #1 (of 2)
  • DCeased War Of Undead Gods #5 (of 8)
  • Eve Children Of The Moon #3 (of 5)
  • Gold Goblin #2 (of 5)
  • Harley Quinn Animated Series Legion of Bats #3 (of 6)
  • I Hate Fairyland #2
  • Mary Jane & Black Cat #1 (of 5)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #103
  • Nightwing #99
  • Something Is Killing The Children #27
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Scrapnik Island #3
  • Spider-Man Lost Hunt #2 (of 5)
  • Strange #9
  • Titans United Bloodpact #4 (of 6)
  • TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures #3
  • Vampire Slayer (Buffy) #9
  • Walking Dead Dlx #53
  • Whats The Furthest Place From Here #9
  • Wolverine #28
  • X-Men Annual #1


(W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Riley Rossmo, Laura Braga (CA) Riley Rossmo

Harley Quinn here to let everyone know that I’m starring in a brand-new graphic novel collection with a brand-new status quo.

I’m coming back to Gotham City to make up for the sins of my past and help the city recover from the Joker War! But there’s no welcoming committee waiting for me, your favorite Maid of Mischief! And between you and me, some real creeps are working to keep the city broken. We can’t let that happen, can we?


Castle Panic Second Edition is the latest version of the hit cooperative tower defense board game for 1 to 6 players. The co-op element makes Castle Panic a great family game and the perfect kick-off for your weekly game night.

You and your friends must work together to defend your Castle, in the center of the board, from Monsters that attack out of the forest, at the edges of the board. Trade cards, hit and slay Monsters, and plan strategies together to keep your Castle towers intact. You either win or lose together, but only the player with the most victory points is declared the Master Slayer.


New releases are available in store from Wednesday (unless specified)! If you want to browse our new releases online, click the button below.

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