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New Releases – 21st September 2022

New releases are here! This week includes reimaginings from R.L. Stine, grown up mythical heroes, a Harley extravaganza, limited edition Cypher and Numenera adventures, and more! Check out the highlights below!

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(W) R. L. Stine (A) A.L. Kaplan (CA) Francesco Francavilla (VCA) Miguel Mercado, Dustin Nguyen, Kyle Hotz

In the first of R.L. Stine’s reanimated reimaginings, meet the Cameron Brothers!

You’re familiar with the classic tale of a mad scientist hell-bent on creating life, but what these two demented brothers have created is something else entirely!


(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Stegman

Oliver Harrison was a mythical hero who slayed the greatest threat to his realm before even hitting puberty. But that was then.

As an adult, Oliver leads an average cookie-cutter suburban life-aside from the fact that he’s mentally unstable, massively paranoid, smokes like a chimney, and gets blackout drunk every night to hide from his horrific nightmares. Will the arrival of a superhero team called the Prestige prove the madness isn’t all in Oliver’s head? And what about all the epic fantasy crap from his childhood?

A brutal as hell tale of magical worlds, gifted youth, evil sorcerers, superheroes, war, blood, guts, and death that punches you right in the face!


(W) Pat Shand (A/CA) Rio Burton

Azza was born into a family that, for generations, served in the Obsidian Guard, a military unit of holy warriors. During Azza’s Coronation, a magical ceremony that would imbue her with a  holy glowing power, something went wrong. Instead of the sacred Obsidian tattoos, she became marred with thorned, black markings and was banished by her people. Now, Azza lives in solitude guarding a great evil… but when that evil escapes and begins to spread its wicked power, Azza must make a choice: save the people that expelled her or allow her home town to fall to evil.

With an emotional, comedic, and awe-inspiring story of empowerment, Azza the Barbed blends fantasy, adventure, mythology, horror, and action in this unforgettable new series.

Our copies of issue #1 have been delayed, but will hopefully be with us soon! Get in touch with us if you’d like this issue reserved for you.


(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Dini, Stephanie Phillips, Stjepan Sejic, Sam Humphries, Kami Garcia, Rob Williams, Mindy Lee, Terry Dodson, Cecil Castellucci and Rafael Scavone (A) Chad Hardin, Guillem March, Riley Rossmo, Stjepan Sejic, Erica Henderson, Jason Badower, Mico Suayan, John Timms, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Dan Hipp and Rafael Albuquerque (CA) Amanda Conner (VCA) Stanley Artgerm Lau

You are cordially invited to an oversize extravaganza celebrating the Clown Princess of Crime’s 30th birthday in this fantabulous special! That’s right – Harley Quinn turns 30 in absolute style and has invited a squad of her old creative pals to join her with a killer lineup of amazing stories! And the reviews are in – it’s guaranteed AWESOME!

Also released this week…

  • All New Firefly #8
  • Avengers #60
  • Avengers Forever #9
  • AXE Judgment Day #5 (of 6)
  • Barbaric Axe To Grind #2
  • Batman Knight #9 (of 10)
  • Batman One Bad Day Two-Face #1
  • Batman Superman Worlds Finest #7
  • Brzrkr (Berzerker) #10 (of 12)
  • Dark Crisis Young Justice #4 (of 6)
  • DCeased War Of Undead Gods #2 (of 8)
  • Edge Of Spider-Verse #4 (of 5)
  • Fables #155
  • Fantastic Four #47
  • Flash #786
  • Frank Miller Presents Ashcan Edition 2nd Ptg – cover price!
  • Nightwing #96
  • Quests Aside #5
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #27
  • Strange #6
  • Titans United Bloodpact #1 (of 6)
  • Walking Dead Dlx #47
  • X-Men Legends #2


(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Leila Leiz

Civilization is a lie. Hidden deep in our genes is the truth. And it is slowly clawing its way to the surface. Olivia Kade knows the truth, and she has become the prophet of the coming collapse. Her book, SATYR, is an international bestseller, and it is being blamed for acts of senseless violence and bloodshed all over the world. Olivia’s own life is in danger from those who have read her work.

Determined to conduct a book tour, she hires security professional Connor Wilson to act as her bodyguard.

She only has one requirement: he cannot read her work.

Also released this week…

  • Lady Mechanika Vol 07 TP
  • Overwatch Short Story Collection HC


Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Monte Cook Games, this 212-page limited-edition hardcover collection Ten Years of Adventure brings you ten exciting adventures for Numenera, the Cypher System, and The Strange!

Explore fascinating worlds with fan-favourite adventures chosen from a decade of official MCG Gen Con events. Despite their popularity with GMs and players, these adventures have never before seen print. (The one exception – Tyrant’s Key – appears here in a special version optimised for a four-hour one-shot game, and gives you pre-generated characters not included with the adventure’s original appearance in Path of the Planebreaker.)

From fantasy and sci-fi one-shots, to multi-party mega-events, to highly replayable horror adventures, this book delivers an amazing assortment of great gaming experiences from masters of adventure design.

This is a limited-edition hardcover available in limited quantities for a short time only.



New Pokemon items are available from Friday 23rd September! As normal, these will only be available in store, and limited to one per customer.

New releases are available in store from Wednesday, and online later in the week! If you want to browse our new releases online, click the button below to get them as soon as they’re available.

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