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New Releases – 28th December 2023

New releases are here! This week includes a hunt for answers about a transforming jet fighter, the rise of Moon Knight Unending, an Adventuring Intern’s first quest, and more! Check out the details below.

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DUKE #1 (OF 5)

(W) Joshua Williamson (CA) Tom Reilly, Tom Reilly

Conrad Hauser has made first contact with an alien being…or was it a UFO? Was it both? But no one, not even Colonel Hawk, will believe the story of the jet fighter converting into a colossal alien robot that nearly killed the man known as Duke.

Now, one of the US Army’s most decorated officers is on the hunt for answers, drawn into a conflict that no amount of training could ever prepare him for. A war that only a real American hero has any chance of surviving…

Superstar writer Joshua Williamson (Superman, Batman) and artist Tom Reilly (The Thing, Ant-Man) kick off the first of four action-packed miniseries that will introduce the best and worst humanity has to offer in the Energon Universe.


(W) Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing (A) Juann Cabal (CA) Kael Ngu

In a devastating future born from the choices of today, all of time and space is threatened by the ascension of an ancient evil. The MOON KNIGHT UNENDING has risen – a nightmare born of StarkTech, the Eternal Machine and the God of the Moon – and now all of Earth bows before his overwhelming power! But one man stands against Khonshu’s coming tide of chaos: POWER MAN, the Marvel Universe’s final living super hero. But who is Power Man – and how did he come to wield the unstable powers of the Sentry, the Hulk and the Iron Fist? What dark, deeply personal conflict underpins this mind-bending apocalypse?

And at the end of the line, can the Marvel Universe ever truly be saved?

PLUS – a SHOCKING glimpse into the next year of Marvel stories!

Rated T


(W) David Yu (A/CA) David Yu

No one told Verity, the Adventuring Intern, that her first quest would be this bloody.

Perpetually surrounded by mayhem, mutilation, and murder, Verity finds little sympathy in her mentor Captain Bastion.

With the looming danger of the primordial dragon Gridda on the horizon, Verity has to ask herself one simple question; how badly does she really want this job?

A mature dark fantasy with a bloody splash of comedy for fans of Quentin Tarantino movies and Dungeons & Dragons!

W0RLDTR33 #6

(W) James Tynion IV (A) Jordie Bellaire (A/CA) Fernando Blanco


With the press of a button, Gabriel Winter changed the world.

As his closest friends reckon with the consequences, Special Agent Siobhan Silk must unravel what set all of this in motion 25 years ago in Palo Alto… and attempt to uncover the origin of PH34R.

Catch up with W0RLDTR33 VOL 01 TP (collecting issues #1-5) – still in stock!

Plus, sensational second issues…



Also released this week…

  • Action Comics 2023 Annual #1
  • Avengers Inc #4
  • Batman Santa Claus Silent Knight #4 (of 4)
  • Book Of Butcher #1
  • Captain Marvel #3
  • Detective Comics #1080
  • Flash #4
  • Green Arrow #7 (of 12)
  • Harley Quinn #35
  • Immortal X-Men #18
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #115
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #14
  • Predator Vs Wolverine #4
  • Red Sonja 2023 #6
  • Sandman Uni Nightmare Country Glass House #6
  • Sensational She-Hulk #3
  • Star Wars Dark Droids #5
  • Titans #6
  • Titans Beast World #3 (of 6)


(W) Andy Diggle (A) Rubine (CA) Christian Ward

Filling in the missing years between The Expanse: Babylon’s Ashes and The Expanse: Persepolis Rising, the hidden stories of your favorite Expanse characters are revealed for the first time!

Everything comes together, tying the threads of the show and answering lingering questions that will bring readers and viewers alike far beyond the stellar horizon.

In the first of a trilogy of graphic novels, superstar comics writer Andy Diggle (Green Lanterns, James Bond) and artist Rubine (Voltron: Legendary Defender) broaden The Expanse in ways that will change how fans view the entire series forever!

Collects The Expanse: Dragon Tooth issues #1-4.

Also released this week…

  • Edens Zero Vol 26 GN
  • Red Sonja (2019) Vol 04 Angel Of Death TP

New releases are available in store from Wednesday Thursday this week!