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New Releases – 6th April 2022

It’s time for new releases! There’s some fantastic comics and games in this week, including Lego Ninjago, Critical Role, Spider-Punk, and more, so let’s take a look at what’s arrived.

Behind the Counter: No, we can’t just return this.

People often think that stores can just return items that are not sold. The ugly truth is, your independent comic/game store is likely to be on what is called “firm sale” terms. It doesn’t matter to our suppliers if the customer has failed to collect, or told us they’ve changed their mind, or bought it elsewhere, or that they’ve moved to a different country and didn’t bother to tell us to stop their regular orders (true story). We ordered it, we’re stuck with it.

Organised Play and In-Store Gaming (January 2022)

When are you going to start in-store gaming again? Is Pokemon League starting up again soon? Are you going to be running prereleases in February? Do you have any events coming up?
If you’ve asked us a question like these recently, or have been thinking about asking, this article is for you! Hopefully this will give you the immediate information you need if you’ve been wondering about the state of in-store gaming with Proud Lion.