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Release Information for Disney Lorcana

This Friday sees the release of the Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game! We’re all very excited for this game arrive in store, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about availability. Here’s all the questions we’re getting asked the most, answered in one convenient place!

Will you have anything available to buy on release day?

Yes! We will have booster packs, starter decks, binders, and deck boxes available, as well as an extremely limited supply of Gift Sets, Troves, and playmats from Friday 18th August. Some items may be held back until Saturday to ensure we have enough stock for our in-store Launch Party event.

Will you be limiting what customers can buy?

Yes. From release, each customer will be limited to a maximum of one starter deck and three booster packs. Customers will also be limited to only one item from the following list: one Gift Set, OR one Illumineer’s Trove, OR one playmat.

If you have confirmed preorders with us, you will not be able to purchase any duplicates of those preordered items from us.

Are you still taking preorders?

No. We closed our preorders around five weeks ago, and are not accepting any further preorders.

Can I reserve something / will you hold something for me to purchase?

No. The only items that are being held for customers are those who confirmed their preorders with us in early July.

When can I pick up my confirmed preorder?

Customers with confirmed preorders will be able to pick up these items from Friday 18th August. All preorder items will be held for in-store collection only, for a maximum of two weeks. After two weeks, all uncollected preorder items will be released back to the shelves.

How does your Launch Party on Saturday work?

Anyone who makes a Lorcana purchase on the day of the event will be able to play the game in store! Only purchases made on Saturday will count as your event entry. This is an open play event, where people can learn to play and have some casual games with the local community. If we are particularly busy, we may limit customers to a couple hours in store to make space for other players.

Will you be doing any more Lorcana events?

Yes! We have been chosen as an official organised play store for Disney Lorcana, so we will be running weekly League sessions and other events from September. Keep an eye on our event calendar for more details when they are announced!