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Store Events for July 2023

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Want to play in any of these events?
Click the ticket links for more details and to book your spot, or join us in store for on-the-day entry!

Board Game Day

Saturday 1st July   |   11am – 5pm
Entry: £3 (half day) / £5 (full day)

Grab a game from our board game library and play in store! This session is £3 per player for a half day (either 11am – 2pm, or 2pm – 5pm), or £5 per player for a full day.

MTG Lord of the Rings Celebration

Friday 7th July   |   5pm – 9pm
Saturday 8th July   |   11am – 12:30pm

With the Magic Celebration events, brand-new and long-time Magic: The Gathering players can join together to enjoy games of Jumpstart in Middle-Earth! Every player will receive two Jumpstart boosters, and can play casual games with anyone else taking part.

Participants who register with their Magic Companion account and play at least three Jumpstart games will receive a collectable dice set and dice bag!

** Please note each player can only receive one set of dice, no matter how many events they attend!

MTG Commander Challenge

Saturday 8th July   |   1pm – 5pm

Play MTG Commander with some extra challenges to achieve! Commander Challenge is a points-based event, where players build decks to try and score as many points as possible during their games. Every player will receive a promo card for participating, with some bonus prizes for those with high scores!

Learn To Play Dice Masters

Saturday 15th July   |   11am – 12:30pm

Stop in for a free session to learn how to play Dice Masters! This dice-based trading card game has you building your own team and battling against one other opponent.

Dice Masters Marvel Secret Wars Draft

Saturday 15th July   |   1pm – 5pm

Grab your sidekicks and get ready to draft some dice! This event will be a relaxed draft, with a round of drafting/team building followed by open play. We’ll be using Marvel Secret Wars draft packs for this event, and players will keep everything they draft!

MTG Lord of the Rings Commander Party

Friday 21st July   |   5pm – 9pm

Journey to Middle-Earth for the MTG Lord of the Rings Commander Party! Each game, players will choose a faction that grants them special abilities during play. Resist the ring’s temptation as long as you can!

Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis Event

Saturday 22nd July   |   1pm – 5pm

Face off against the X-Men’s classic foes with Mutant Genesis! Bring your favourite X-Men character decks and villains to complete challenges and win prizes!

Every player will receive a mission tracker card at the start of the event, then a set of promo dials and one pack of randomised promo cards at the end of the event for taking part. For every mission completed on the tracker card (up to a maximum of four of the five missions), players will earn a bonus promo card pack!

RPG Write In

Saturday 29th July   |   11am – 12:30pm

Sit down and join us for dedicated writing and prep time for roleplaying games! This free write-in session invites game masters for any game to write, worldbuild, draw maps, read adventures, or anything else related to preparing your RPG adventures. Sometimes it’s easier to be creative when others around you are doing the same thing!

The Walking Dead UK: Welcome to Gloucestershire RPG One Shot

Saturday 29th July   |   1pm – 5pm

In the Walking Dead universe, the Wildfire Virus suddenly became a global pandemic on 25 August 2010. But almost nothing is known canonically about how the UK was affected by this apocalyptic nightmare. Journey back to a time before our real-life pandemic, before Brexit, before the London Olympics…

This is an opportunity to preview the brand new upcoming ruleset for The Walking Dead RPG from Free League with game master Bob Churchill! No experience is necessary, and pre-generated characters will be available to choose from when players arrive.

Pokemon Obsidian Flames Prerelease

Sunday 30th July   |   1:30pm – 4pm
Sunday 6th August**   |   11am – 1pm
Sunday 6th August   |   1:30pm – 4pm

Get the newest Pokemon cards before release! Get a Build & Battle Box, tweak your deck, and play in a casual tournament with the local community. You don’t need to have played in a prerelease before to take part – you only need to know how to play!

** The morning event on Sunday 6th August is exclusively for our Pokemon Club players!

Don’t forget you can get tickets to many of our events in advance, click the button to see what’s available!

Weekly Play

Friday Night Magic (Magic: The Gathering)
Fridays, 5pm – 9pm, £4 entry
Friday Night Magic is replaced by Lord of the Rings Celebration on Friday 7th, and by Commander Party on Friday 21st.

Pokemon Club (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 11am – 12:30pm, £1 entry

Pokemon League (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 1pm – 4pm, £5 entry
There will be no Pokemon League on Sunday 16th July. League is replaced by Obsidian Flames Prerelease on Sunday 30th July.

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