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Store Events for October 2023

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Want to play in any of these events?
Click the ticket links for more details and to book your spot, or join us in store for on-the-day entry!

Weekly Play

Friday Night Magic (Magic: The Gathering)
Fridays, 5pm – 9pm, £4 entry
Friday Night Magic is replaced by MTG Doctor Who Launch Party on Friday 13th October and MTG Halloween Commander Challenge on Friday 27th October.

Lorcana League (Disney Lorcana TCG)
Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:30pm, £7 entry

Pokemon Club (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 11am – 12:30pm, £1 entry
Club is replaced by Paradox Rift Club Prerelease on Sunday 29th October.

Pokemon League (Pokemon TCG)
Sundays, 1pm – 4pm, £5 entry
League is replaced by League Challenge on Sunday 15th October, and Paradox Rift Prereleases on Sunday 22nd and Sunday 29th October.

October Events

Beginners Dungeons & Dragons

4th October – 1st November
Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

This is our introductory event for new Dungeons & Dragons players! This block of sessions will run from October 4th to November 1st (with a skip week on October 25th).

For more details, please check the full event description.

MTG Halloween Sealed Promo Blast

Saturday 7th October   |   1pm – 5pm

A Magic: The Gathering spooky sealed event brings Innistrad: Midnight Hunt back to the table! This event will include 50 minutes of deck construction, and three best-of-three rounds of 50 minutes each. Final scores are for bragging rights only – all players will receive prizes, regardless of their final place in the event!

Promo items will be awarded to all players throughout the event, including selected promo cards, promo packs, and a few surprises!

MTG Doctor Who Commander Launch Party

Friday 13th October  |   5pm – 9pm

Celebrate the release of the Doctor Who Commander Decks with some timey-wimey fun! Every player playing a Doctor Who Commander Deck for this event will receive one promo card. Come along in your best Doctor or Companion cosplay to also receive one promo pack!

This event replaces our normal Friday Night Magic session.

Arkham Horror LCG Arkham Day 

Saturday 14th October   |   1pm – 5pm

Join the investigators who work together to unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies, and stop the Ancient Ones from entering our world!

This is an open play event for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Players will need to bring an investigator deck and all game components required to play. We also recommend bringing or picking up whatever standalone scenario you wish to play!

Pokemon League Challenge

Sunday 15th October   |   1pm – 5pm

Challenge your skills against the community with our League Challenge! This event will follow standard tournament rules. Tickets are available in store for regular League players. Online tickets will be available two weeks before the event.

The Walking Dead UK: Welcome to Gloucestershire RPG One Shot

Saturday 21st October   |   1pm – 5pm

As reanimated bodies overrun the cities, join a group of survivors taking refuge in Sudeley Castle. It is three months into the apocalypse. The deathly cold white winter of 2010 is setting in across the Cotswolds. How do you prepare for the future in a world that does not seem to have one?

This is an opportunity to preview the brand new upcoming ruleset for The Walking Dead RPG from Free League with game master Bob Churchill! No experience is necessary, and pre-generated characters will be available to choose from when players arrive.

MTG Halloween Commander Challenge

Friday 27th October   |   6pm – 9pm

Play MTG Commander with some extra challenges to achieve! Commander Challenge is a points-based event, where players bring a Commander deck to try and score as many points as possible during their games. Every player will receive a promo pack for participating, with some bonus prizes for those with high scores. In addition, this event will include a bonus prize for every player that brings a Halloween-themed deck – think werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and other spooky things!

Blood on the Clocktower

Saturday 28th October   |   1pm – 5pm

During a hellish thunderstorm, on the stroke of midnight, there echoes a bone-chilling scream. The townsfolk rush to investigate and find the town storyteller murdered, their body impaled on the hands of the clocktower, blood dripping onto the cobblestones below. A demon walks amongst you…

Blood on the Clocktower comes to Proud Lion! We’re inviting six to twelve players to gather information, trade knowledge, spread lies, and discover the who is on the side of Evil. You’ll need all your powers of deduction and deception to survive this game of murder and mystery! We’ll run as many games as we can between 1pm and 5pm.

Dread RPG One Shot: The Family 

Saturday 28th October   |   6pm – 10:30pm

This family must work together to escape their gruesome fate, but even family keep their own secrets…

This fantasy horror adventure runs on the Dread system, and uses a Jenga-style block tower instead of dice – get your hand-eye coordination ready! Players do not need to bring anything with them, everything needed to play will be provided.

Content warning: Dread is a horror game, and may contain content that some players may find distressing. Please review the information included in the event link to make sure this event is suitable for you.

Pokemon Paradox Rift Prerelease

Sunday 22nd October   |   1:30pm – 4pm
Sunday 29th October   |   11am – 1pm   |   Club Prerelease!
Sunday 29th October   |   1:30pm – 4pm

Get the newest Pokemon cards before release! Get a Build & Battle Box, tweak your deck, and play in a casual tournament with the local community. You don’t need to have played in a prerelease before to take part – you only need to know how to play!

Tickets are available in store for regular League players. Online tickets will be available from mid-October.

You can follow all of our upcoming events on our calendar! Click the button for more details.

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