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Behind the scenes

Behind the Counter: Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is probably the biggest event in your local comic store’s calendar. It’s an international event supported by many of the major comic publishers, and gives readers around the world the chance to try new comics and pick up some free titles from their local store. There’s a lot more to Free Comic Book Day than this though, so here’s some things about FCBD you might not know.

Behind the Counter: No, we can’t just return this.

People often think that stores can just return items that are not sold. The ugly truth is, your independent comic/game store is likely to be on what is called “firm sale” terms. It doesn’t matter to our suppliers if the customer has failed to collect, or told us they’ve changed their mind, or bought it elsewhere, or that they’ve moved to a different country and didn’t bother to tell us to stop their regular orders (true story). We ordered it, we’re stuck with it.