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Star Wars

New Releases – 7th February 2024

New releases are here! This week includes the Thundercats rebuilding on a new world, Ultimate Black Panther rising against Khonshu and Ra, Amanda Waller recruiting the strongest villains for her Task Force X, the beginning of Joker Year One, Mace Windu travelling a mysterious and treacherous path, Power Rangers reuniting to find their missing companion, even more shiny Pokemon with Paldean Fates, life lessons learned from roleplaying games, and more!

New Releases – 31st January 2024

New releases are here! This week includes a comic adventure for Lilo and Stitch, a deadly race against time for a wing walker and her pilot, a cataclysmic battle between terrifying creatures, a cookie catastrophe, a murder mystery on the cards, bedtime stories for little D&D fans, and more!

New Releases – 24th January 2024

New releases are here! This week includes Dream seeking help from Constantine, the empire’s most dangerous mind, an unusual journalist in a world of political intrigue, new stories for Geiger and Redcoat, cats in space, dinosaurs dodging meteors, the return of shiny Pokémon, and more!

New Releases – 28th June 2023

New releases are here! This week includes old secrets on ancient islands, a teenage mad scientist pitted against monsters and hunters, science-fantasy adventures in space, epic fantasy romps, ready-to-run combat maps for your RPG battles, and more!

New Releases – 8th March 2023

New releases are here! This week includes the answer to the Peter Parker question, a filtered not-too-distant future, X-23 and her deadliest foes, RPG heroes in a classic time loop, royal snowcats and ancient sea monsters, a tabletop war between Rebellion and Empire, EX returning to Pokemon, and more!

Comics Final Order Cutoff – 17th December 2022

This is your weekly reminder that Final Order Cutoff (FOC) orders are due! This week’s FOC includes all-new Action Comics; the return of the extreme anti-hero Nemesis, sci-fi detectives in the last city on the planet; the debut of new Marvel characters like Ghost Light, Red Goblin, Blade’s daughter and Bishop’s new X-Men team; plus much more including Harley Quinn’s latest Valentine’s Day hijinx!

New Releases – 14th December 2022

New releases are here! This week includes a new Batman/Spawn crossover, the beginning of the end for Iron Man, teenage vampires, clones set on revenge, a time-travelling assassin, a Reaper seeking the truth of her death, swashbuckling on the high seas, the beautiful birds of Asia, and more!

New Comics and Books – 23rd November 2022

New comics and books are here! This week includes heroes and scoundrels in a galaxy far, far away, super powers choosing sides, an epic post-apocalyptic trilogy, Marvel and Fortnite hunt for the Zero Shard, A.I. to the rescue, and more!