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Upcoming Magic: The Gathering Events

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Friday Night Magic

Our weekly Friday Night Magic (FNM) events continue for most of the coming weeks! As a reminder, you can play any format at FNM you like, and the more formats you play, the more bonus promo cards you take home. Commander is very popular, but we also have players taking part in weekly pack wars and the occasional modern game.

Friday Night Magic will not run on the following dates:

  • Friday 5th May
  • Friday 16th June

Lord of the Rings Prerelease

The set everyone has been looking forward to gets its very own prerelease weekend! Tickets are available now for the following events:

  • Friday 16th June, 6pm
  • Saturday 17th June, 10am
  • Saturday 17th June, 2:30pm

All three events will be our standard prerelease format: 50 minutes of deckbuilding, followed by three best-of-3 rounds. For more information and to book your space(s), click the button below.

REMINDER. If you want to preorder anything from the Lord of the Rings set, preorders are due by no later than Sunday 30th April! Click here to get more details.

Premium Promo Blast

A Magic: The Gathering draft event with premium prizes for all players will be running on Saturday 27th May, 1pm! This event will run with standard MTG draft rules, and will include 50 minutes of drafting and deck construction, and three best-of-three rounds of 50 minutes each.

Promo cards and special items will be awarded throughout the event, including selected promo cards, full promo packs, and more! Every player who stays until all rounds are completed will receive either a Collector Booster Pack or a 30th Anniversary Booster Pack (random selection). One lucky player will receive the MTG April Fool’s Secret Lair box!

Tickets: Entry for this event will be offered in stages.

  • Stage One: Open to any player who has participated in any Proud Lion Friday Night Magic event in 2023, available from Wednesday 26th April (in store only).
  • Stage Two: Open to any player who has participated in any Proud Lion MTG event in 2023, available from Wednesday 3rd May (in store only).
  • Stage Three: Open to all players, available from Wednesday 10th May (in store or online).

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