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Upcoming Pokemon Releases for Summer 2022

If you wanted your summer to be full of Pokemon cards, Proud Lion has got you covered! We’re expecting everything on this list to arrive between June and August 2022. That said, please be prepared for some release date changes, as we’re still seeing delays with shipping in many cases!

Don’t forget to email us if you want to preorder anything here. Remember that everything on this list is limited to a maximum of one item per customer, and must be collected in store within four weeks of release! (We are currently not offering shipping for Pokemon items.)

Available from Friday 10th June!

Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection

Expected from June 2022!

Sword & Shield 10 Astral Radiance Build and Battle Stadium

Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection

Boltund V Box

Divergent Powers Tins – Hisuian Decidueye V, Samurott V and Typhlosion V

Collector Chest (Spring 2022) Rowlet, Cyndaquil, Oshawott

Trainer’s Toolkit (2022)

Pokemon GO!

The new Pokemon Go set is expected to start arriving from July 2022. There will be limited supply of all these items, so any requests for these will be added to a waiting list. Waiting list requests are not guaranteed to be filled – there is always the possibility with popular sets that allocations might occur (where we receive less than what we ordered), but we will always do our best to fill as many of people’s requests as we possibly can. The earlier you get in touch, the more likely you are to get your request filled, so get your requests in to us as soon as you can!

V Battle Deck Mewtwo V / Melmetal V

Battle Deck Bundle Mewtwo vs Melmetal

Alolan Exeggutor V Box

Elite Trainer Box

Premium Collection Radiant Eevee

Team Special Collection – Team Instinct / Team Mystic / Team Valor

Tins – Pikachu / Snorlax / Blissey

Mini Tins

Poke Ball Tins

If you’ve never ordered from us before, please make sure to give us your full name, email address, and phone number when you place your order/request. Don’t forget that Pokemon is only available for in-store collection, and will not be shipped.


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