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Updating Events for D&D and Magic

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Change is afoot for weekly events we run for Beginners Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering! We’ll be making some updates to these events in store, take a look to see what’s coming up.

Beginner’s D&D

From October 2022, Beginners D&D will be moving from a weekly event to scheduled four-week blocks. Each block will feature a single adventure, played across four weekly sessions. Tickets will cover the entire block, and will be available for advance sign up.

Not only will this give players a chance to experience longer form games, but it will also allow players to register ahead of time, knowing exactly how many sessions they will get to play each time! We’ll also get the opportunity to try out different adventures that simply weren’t possible to do running a one shot every week.

The basic requirements to take part in this event will be the same. All players are expected to be genuine beginners to D&D, and must be at least 16 years old to take part. Players will be able to take part in a maximum three blocks (twelve sessions total) before they are considered to have “graduated” from being a beginner! (If you have already been participating in Beginners D&D, please check with us to see how many blocks will be available to you.)

The first of these blocks will run from October 12th until November 2nd, on Wednesdays from 7pm until 10pm. If this is your first time playing Beginners D&D with us, make sure to come at least 30 minutes early on your first session to create your character!

Tickets for the Beginners D&D October block will be available soon on the Proud Lion webstore. Please note that tickets are not refundable, so make sure you will be available for the full block before purchasing!

Other RPG Events

The other benefit of Beginners D&D moving to a block format is that it will leave us with gaps between blocks – which means we can potentially offer other events on those nights where possible!

We’ve had a few requests to run Game Master workshops / introductory sessions (similar to those we ran a few years ago!), and we have some ideas for other one-night events we could run in this time frame. If there’s something you’d like to see us offer here, please email us to let us know!

Friday Night Magic

For a long time, we’ve had Magic events on Friday split into two: Casual Commander at 5pm, and Friday Night Magic at 7pm. Each had separate entries and separate ways of running – and to be honest, we’d like to simplify this!

From Friday 14th October, we will be offering a single Friday Night Magic event, running from 5pm until 9pm with £4 entry. Players are welcome to enter any time between 5pm and 6:30pm**, and can play any format they like. Every player will receive one random promo card for taking part!

In addition to this, players will have the following “top-up” options every week:

  • Constructed: Play more than one constructed format (commander, standard, modern, etc) to receive one additional random promo card.
  • Pack War: + £4.50, includes one standard draft pack and one additional random promo card.
  • Draft: + £13, includes three standard draft packs and one current promo pack OR one promo card from our collection. Requires at least four participants.
  • Sealed: + £25, includes six standard draft packs and one current promo pack OR one promo card from our collection.

** Entry is still allowed after 6:30pm, but only if we already have enough players to continue the event! If by 6:30pm we do not have enough players to continue, all players will have their £4 entry credited to the following week instead.

Why the changes?

There are many reasons leading to these changes, but the most important one is simply that we’re trying to better manage our work / life balance! We want to make sure that we are able to offer a range of gaming opportunities for players, while also taking care of ourselves, as best as possible.

Getting all the details

If we need to make last-minute changes to events, we post this information in our Discord server. This is the best place to go to check for any updates or new information! Make sure to join our Discord server by clicking the button below.

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