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Updating our Pokemon Play Program from June

At Proud Lion, Sunday is Pokemon Day! On Sundays, we run Pokemon play sessions for players of all ages. We want to make all our Pokemon players aware of changes that will be rolling out for our in-store play program from June 2024.

Focus on Casual Play

We have decided to renew our focus on encouraging casual play in store, and providing a space for trainers to play for fun as the number one priority. We want to be a play space where players can just turn up and play, even if they don’t have a lot of experience.

This means that, from June 2024, we will no longer be running League Challenges or League Cups. We will instead run a purely casual tournament once a month (more details below), but otherwise will be concentrating on more open play.

We will also be keeping our no-proxy rule in place (players are only allowed to use genuine Pokemon cards, and only as the card is printed). As always, we encourage players to build decks from the cards they have, and incorporate new cards they pull from boosters into those decks where possible!

This has no impact on Prerelease events, which we will continue to run as normal every few months.

Dedicated Learn To Play Sessions

We will soon have one dedicated Learn To Play session per month for all ages! This will typically be the first Sunday of the month, from 11am to 12:30pm, and each participant will receive a 30-card deck to start off their collection (while stocks last). This session is purely for new Pokemon players, and we ask our experienced players to attend our other sessions to ensure we have space for teaching the game during this one!

Having this dedicated session does mean we will not be able to run Learn To Play games the rest of the month, but will allow us to focus on making sure we are able to consistently invite new players to our local community.

Our upcoming Learn To Play sessions will run from 11am to 12:30pm on Sunday 2nd June and Sunday 7th July. We will make tickets available for this event in advance, to make sure new players can secure a place ahead of time.

Monthly Casual Tournament

In place of our previous competitive events, we will be running a casual tournament once a month! This event allows casual players to try a more structured event, but without the pressure that can come from more competitive tournaments. This will typically run in the afternoon on the first Sunday of the month.

These monthly casual tournaments will use a best-of-one structure, allowing for a quick and fun event. Players will be required to use decks with cards in the current rotation, but will not need to write a deck list. Every player will also receive exactly the same amount of prizes, regardless of final placement!

Because this is intended to be a more casual event that is inclusive for less experienced players, we ask players not to bring competition-level (Level 3+) decks.

Our first casual tournament will run on Sunday 7th July. We will make tickets available for this event in advance.

Changes to Weekly Play Sessions

We currently run two sessions on a regular Sunday – Club in the morning for younger and newer players, and League in the afternoon for older and more confident players. This will continue, but we want to make sure our players are having a more equal experience across these two events. Making all the above changes to do this will have some impact on our prices and prizing.

From June 2024, both Club and League sessions will cost £5 per player per week. Both sessions will include one prize pack per player as a participation reward, provided that player takes part in at least one full game during the session. Both sessions will also be limited to a maximum 10 players at a time. For our Club session in the morning (11am – 12:30pm), we will be prioritising kids for spaces wherever possible. This may mean we sometimes do not have space for parents to have a seat at the tables.

Because both sessions will be the same price and the same participation reward, we will be actively encouraging our more experienced and confident players to move to the afternoon session (1pm to 4pm). This will allow us to make sure our younger, less experienced trainers have a better opportunity for games in the morning.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!